3 MAN DOCKING – Space Engineers Gameplay

“Ready to initiate docking sequence.”
“Alright. Please retract outer sheath of docking coupler.”
“Outer sheath retracted.”
“Nice. Easing into place now. Contact initiated.”
“Extending sheath.”
“Copy. Docking complete. Permission to come aboard?”
“… Does this sound weird to anyone else?”

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Sam Levine says:

hell yes i love this game. play more plz. alot more

LordMatt48 says:

Please try warframe, at least have Lawrence play it for the ninja action.

Also Elise pls unblock me on twitter I’m sorry.

CaseFace5 says:

You guys should have done Empyrion instead of Space Engineers its a little more simple…

John Smith says:

I was looking for gay porn what the fuck

Hurricanelive says:

Can I dock in you? Then you are left in space just holding your dick!

Paperclip says:


Wizard Lizard says:

They need a professional to help them with this game.

Jason Morriss says:

Play it again… Come on you tube slaves play it again!!

Melted Cheese says:

To sum up this video
Bruce learned how to fly
Lawrence suffocated
And Adam’s mind expanded past all human constraints.

Victor Huff says:

This looks like it has a lot of potential!

Poptartsicles says:

I can’t believe this game is still so buggy after being in early access for so freaking long…

OllieTheMagicBum says:

Please keep playing this it’s looks so awesome

LackofEthics says:

I entirely forgot star citizen was a thing

BenyAU says:

Watching you guys play this is almost funnier than Elyse’s na’vi accent.

James Brent says:

Minecraft but, in space? Ship creation actually seems pretty cool.

Bnejarmn says:

you can fill the oxygen in your suit by looking at a medbay and holding F 😉 And yes SE can be glitchy at times but it gets weekly updates 🙂

SpetS says:

I hope they never try pistons, rotors, wheels….

Agodelian Shock says:

I fucking love this game. Wish it had a bit more content for single player like naturally spawning structures, planets, ships, and enemies, because I’m antisocial like that.

jskthefork says:

I’m so happy to see this in my notification feed. I used to watch a different channel play this, and while the game was awesome, the people playing weren’t too funny and I grew board. Make a series!!

Andrew Dark says:

For the love of god can you spend 5 minutes figuring out a game before jumping straight in?

Cosme Fulanito says:

The sheer joy of Bruce is hilarious. He looks like a puppy.

Jackson Catlett says:


Christian Paredes says:

this + astroneer should be the no mans´s sky we always wanted

James Moore says:

Yesss more

Bmon624 says:

Now I just wanna see these guys faff about in Elite Dangerous too.

Musa.Joker says:

used to play the shit out of this game back then. time to reinstall!

Nohaoah says:

I got *so* excited about this game when it first came out, but then i remember i have no friends to play it with

Davesoft says:

“Combine this with astroneer…” you guys are gonna love the planets 😀

stuart smith says:

You should play the tutorial first, it is a great campaing

Evil Paragon 2 says:

Adam saying this needs to be the same game as Astroneer is totally right.
I wouldn’t play this game or Astroneer, but I’d play the fuck out of a combined game.

Mr. unitato says:


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