20 mins of Death Star Gameplay Highlights: Chewie, Bossk, R2D2, TIE Advanced, Luke, B-Wing & More!

Here’s more than 20 minutes of raw gameplay from the Death Star DLC including Space Battles, Chewie, Bossk, R2D2, the new blasters & gadgets, B-Wings, TIE Advanced, Luke’s X-wing & a lot more!
First Phase Space Battles/FS: 00:00
Chewie: 05:50
R2-D2: 07:45
Infantry /w new weapons: 9:10
Luke: 12:00
Bossk: 13:10
Dengar: 16:15
Last Phase: 18:18
Luke’s X-Wing: 19:50
Vader’s TIE Advanced: 21:10
Trench run: 21:35

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Christian Fennell says:

Omg how?

Artofwar 10 says:

if u watch teskos gampkay he dies and show a slave one dying which was BFU

Ibrahim Khan says:


Martin Eriksson says:

Kan du förklara R2D2 attcker?

david gonzález aranda says:

He tu dueño del canal hablas portuges grecolatino?

Drippy Spaff says:

Dice make the b wing and tie defender playable is painful to see them as a.I

NorT says:

Im so happy about this 😀

Polar Ice says:

The Death Star dlc sucks

Alex Penny says:

i love that death star explosion

mariothesmashbro 33# says:

lo bossk loves hunting wookies

Agent Bill Wilson says:

i hear that helmetless stormtroopers aren’t a thing anymore!

Binge Watcher says:

U should be able to play as the b-wing though

Jacob H says:

I wish there was a fighter squadron mode in which everyone had to play in first person. It would be more realistic and wouldn’t put you at a disadvantage. great gameplay btw

Dank Budd says:

Bossk and chewee both look bad ass

Captain Tahlon says:

I Think bossk should be taller, like wookies, trandoshians are larger than humans

Ralbihn says:

Does the indoor map take place in the death star or in a star destroyer ?

Will R says:

Why doesn’t R2 use his jet pack to fly away from danger?

NoobGaming says:

And When You Play As Bossk

Matthew Eaton says:

that are you playing on

Luke Bearwalker says:

Luke’s costume?

Lob Ster says:

Why cant we play as the b-wing? that would be so much better than this crap

Daniel Leonard says:

They should make it do when you look at the ground with Bossk peoples footsteps show up

sL FoxScoutCdr says:

B wing and Tie Defender!!!!! Yes!!!


should have some sizemic charges placed on those asteroids

life causes emotion says:

I already have the season pass, can I play in the death star?

NoobGaming says:

FK u when ur Playing as chewie* Thats not u Thats battlefrontuppdates check his vid

Brendan Lada says:

that B-wing is badass

TheGraniteDuck says:

twi lek sucks with every costume

autobots troops says:

death star look like cybertron

JediFrog says:

I just watched tesko’s video, and it ‘s funny that that was you who killed tesko and then immediately flew into the star destroyer.

Jon says:

Ok, so R2 is a third hero? Seems kind of odd.

Kacper Lewkowicz says:

yes kaff kenoby

Dylan Rummel says:

11:34 Overpowered much? Geeze man a pistol instakilling 2 guys like 50 feet away.

Virtual Sports Gaming says:

What time will this release?

PatBrick says:

I think if an explosion goes of in smoke , from r2 or a grenade, it should do as much damage to make it a bit more useful

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