➤ 5 SPACE ENGINEERS ALTERNATIVES! – Dual Universe, Skywanderers, Planet Nomads, Stationeers Gameplay

Many players were disappointed after the latest Q&A interview by Marek Rosa made it seem like Keen was planning to abandon Space Engineers in its current state. As such, We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of similar sci-fi sandbox games you may want to consider playing instead.

Learn more about these games (some are already purchasable via Steam Early Access, via others are still in closed alpha testing):

EMPYRION GALACTIC SURVIVAL – Online Multiplayer Space Survival

PLANET NOMADS – Planetary Single-Player Survival

STATIONEERS – Complex Realistic Science Simulation (Simulator)

SKYWANDERERS – Creative Building & Immersive Exploration

DUAL UNIVERSE – Massive Multiplayer Online MMO Sci-fi RPG

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Game: Space Engineers, version 1.186.5
Space Engineers allows players to build giant fleets of ships and stations with a large variety of blocks, increased even further with mods, before having epic battles with awesome destruction. The game is in active development and is updated every Thursday.


John Doe says:

yeah dual universe is going to be the unofficial Space engineers online i think it is one of the main reasons why keen abandons SE, only problem i see with DU is the monthly fee, if it will be to expensive not much people will play it hope they keep it under 10€ … Skywanderers looks also interesting

Yllo says:

I do look forward to dual universe as in a ruby lvl backer from the original kickstarter

JacobLZP2 says:


Sir Castic says:

Skywanderers looks so good.

Jonas Grund says:

very nice voice

Michael Weddle says:

I’m a hard core se fan…hate to here their giving up on it…guess I will have move on…dual universe …it looks good but depends on game play…

Zeal warrior Gaming says:

Well I hope SE does not get abandoned

JacobLZP2 says:

I thought you were a she?


All i wish is that in dual universe they can allow you to create your own weapons instead of using just a couple of basic ones. Like maybe the more energy you have and weapon parts you got you can create a gigantic death star lazer with equal amount of power

Borg Cube says:

sky wanderers sounds like a cross between minecraft, space engineers (the good parts), and elite dangerous

RichyN25 says:

Empyrion is good, but not without it’s bugs, but I’ve played on quite a few large population servers, by large I mean 100players or more.

Wesley Johnson says:

If their going to abandon SE. They need to just officially release the full game and be done.

goldniko1 says:

Astroneers is also a relaxing game that is tangent to the games described

Head Protector says:

I was already keeping an eye on most of these before the Q&A, but thanks for the information on Dual Universe. All in all, this type of video is a good idea, I can’t wait to see what the next one will be about.

Valeon says:

Dual Universe I am hyped for… but the person who got me INTO space engineers is now asking me to UNBUY it.

Gabriel Ibarra says:

Man, I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, nothing will quite be like space engineers

Joshy Boy says:

You should play Starmade. Think of Minecraft but in space.

Dart Frog says:

That dual universe thing looks amazing, but jeezzzz 60 euros?!

Matthew Hutchinson says:



Cirind says:

Avorion? ;_; Well. Better building and fighting but not character model. And well. No real survival.

Alyero says:

Voice reveal at 20k subs? (I know that has already passed but who wants to wait til 25k? 😀 )

Robert den Blaauwen says:

They aren’t going to abandon the game, they’re just not going to focus on polishing the game instead of adding new features.

But, Dual Universe sounds fantastic. The perfect mix between Space Engineers and Empyrion.

Xander Bélanger-Taylor says:

If the last part of Sky Wanderers is possible….. *Throws money at screen*

NeonFighter891 says:

Hey, what about Star Citizen?

Calvin Robertson says:

Who’s the voice actor?

WarDragon says:

Is this YouTube voice ????

Sir Johnson Lebaws says:

Guys just an idea, maybe early access games are a terrible concept which almost always disappoints in the end – Quit supporting early access games so that we can get full fledged Non-Beta games released every once in a while?
It’s not by chance that most early access games barely ever make it out of early access / Beta…
I’ve supported a few Early Access games and Beta releases so far an almost all of them failed and disappointed in the end. It’s a terrible concept based on our behaviour of consuming literally anything that is available regardless of quality. If we want better games we need to stop buying unfinished/bad/developing games. Otherwise developers will never finish any games since it’s more profitable to release an early access game, abandon it and start the next early access….

ShaddyWoohooMan says:

I never liked subscription type games but dual universe does seem pretty cool. I just hope they have a single player creative like mode so I can actually build things. I hate being limited to specific roles and restricted to what I can build in games.

KiboTAS - Gaming and Animations says:


Did you just talk because you got 20k subs?

The mysteries… The captain jack… bruh

Devwa the Timelord says:

Wait is this….. your voice?!?!

Bruce Wayne says:

What about starmade

bobby winicher says:

If they had realistic characters…id sayyyy hell yes…but there to minecraft for my liking no making a dipm with ever sadning

Grsp Kennedy says:

Does anyone know the specs for a gaming computer to play dual universe?

bobby winicher says:

Soo after recent events i assume space engineers aint ever coming to xbox anymore lol?

Zdem says:

Proud of my french boize back at NovaQuark <3

DJ WolfPuppy says:

Is that Meow’s Voice?

The Didact says:

The dark side shall conquer all of Dual Universe!

Gamer Duden says:

i will miss Space Engineers

Eric bee says:

can you make and control drones in any of them?

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