♥ Space Goat Yrel Is Fantastic – Heroes of the Storm (HotS Gameplay)

92% winrate! It wont last forever I’m sure. i’m just enjoying riding the wave.

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Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is a raucous online team brawler starring your favorite Blizzard characters.

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That social media nonsense.

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SuperKami Guru says:

Too-ran-duh whisp-ah-wind-er-u.

Mike Lummox says:

so glad they put Yrel in the game, just leveled a Void Elf and replaying WoD I really forgot how amazing Yrel progressed. From a slave in the mines when you first meet her all the way to a Draenei Paladin Hero, just a beautiful arc and one of the best Lore inclusions from WoD, which so many people hated that expansion. Anyway great video as always Pally. Proud of you!

Ducky 237 says:

Hey Pally, what do you think of Whitemane? I think she looks pretty fun, especially since I enjoy supports with CC.

Wojtek Stelmaszczuk says:

i had to play her to get 500 gold and get garrosh. It was hell for me. (of course i was playing qm) I just can’t play some of good tanks. At least i can now somehow counter her with garrosh (i think).

Benji Kelso says:

She looks like so much fun. If I hadn’t finally bought a Switch I would absolutely buy her.

Tüm pli says:

If you’re still troubleshooting the screen freezes and didn’t already do so, you should have a look at the windows event viewer.
There should be at least an indicator of what’s going on.

Trash tube says:

I had Yrel for one day in the free weekly Rotation, I had her level 5 in that one day, she is so fun

Angry Jesus says:

Cant wait for my suspension to end so I ccan get banned once more

MrGenyaAvacado says:

17:22 The talents picked

Owen Wilson says:

Blizzard HOTS is a racist prejudice and discriminating operation of hackers and conartists. Their esport gimmick is complete hacked hoaxed trash. Their customer service is terrible and are a bunch of conartists and hackers. Their entire operation running Blizzard HOTS is a complete hacked hoaxed operation of conartists who define what a scam and a gimmick is. They are conartists runinng a complete hacked scam gimmick.

Nick says:

In this game it was a divine swine!

John Smith says:

uhhhh that just rude

Alon Alperovich says:

It’s supposed to be said like the..bar tender… from hearthstone: valeeeeera

ItSeemsDark says:

that pignatta mount it’s amazing 😀

Brian Boyer says:

i cant deal with her casting

Tomas Mancilla Jakasovic says:

that alex heal

Damon Koos says:

I don’t know how to don’t just straight yell at your team sometimes

Squirrel Games says:

Dat Mura talking trash…. goober XD

Daisuke Nomura says:

did she get a damage boost. I was thinking her dps was low when she came out.

BananaThrowingSpaceGoat says:

Someone mention me?

psych0 says:

you’re such a goober, pally

Lovelylittlekitten says:

I always think of her trait like Kael’Thas. Where you should always have the trait on whenever possible.

The Rogue Wolf says:

“Oh look it’s Pallytime! I’m gonna spend the whole game standing right next to him so that the Internet gets to see my sweet plays, too!’

Jose Iglesias says:

If only rets in wow had this mobility or the damage or anything

Francis Butterton says:


“Put a hamper on it!”

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