►No Man’s Sky Gameplay◄ Space Traveling & Buying a Fancy Space Ship!

No Man’s Sky gameplay livestream // Welcome to a livestream of No Man’s Sky gameplay on the ps4! No Man’s Sky is an open world survival game where you get to explore planets! Join me in this adventure and let’s see what we can discover!

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Napstablook Dreemur says:

I ilke oneshotgurl cuz she is the only one who notices me 🙂

Jason Carroll says:


JamSnack says:

I heard that this game wasn’t doing well, what is your opinion on it?

Fayad Abdullah says:

Julie , Why don’t you upload videos on Assassin’s Creed Syndicate ? I’m deeply waiting to see that whole series in you channel … Please try to upload the Assassin’s creed Syndicate reagularly 🙂

lost legend gaming says:


VeroMithril says:

A lot of people are finding other players discoveries. That could be a players spawn bug that have made players spawn not enough spread through the universe or maybe it is because the “external” part of the universe where everyone spawn is enough “small” to make it possible

MaryAnn Garn says:

Sry I couldn’t watch it live I was camping lol love you

Brian Anderson says:

hey its mangementboy3 my laptop charger broke iand my laptop died ssooo i was on your stream lastt night trying to tell ya

[GD]Cdog Playz says:


Anh Quan Nguyen says:

play Dark Souls 3 plssss

Daniel Kean says:

What’s the song at the start of your streams? I like electro music! And I also want to hear more of the songs that you sing & write, like ‘Tubby got rekt’. Been searching all over the web, but can’t find any… Congrats on your Deer Stalker BTW! You’ve been going on and on about it, and you finally got it! Love the DBD series! Keep up the good work!

Martin Punt says:

Great video Julie. You must try Empyrion Galactic Survival. on Steam it’s really good.

Wolfeylide :] says:

I thought it was multiplayer but the chances are low of finding others

zak stannard says:

🙂 i got mine refunded just because the developers lied on top of that they stole the formula for the universe generation and are getting sued for it so it may get disabled by court order when the copyright infringement hits. my friend just sent me this about no mans sky:(

Kakashi Hatake says:

The raid was real

Emma White says:

sell that dang aquasphere

Scott Levy says:

can you do more on agar.io and slither.io

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