►No Man’s Sky Gameplay◄ Exploring Planets & Buying a Space Ship!

No Man’s Sky gameplay part 1 livestream // Welcome to a livestream of No Man’s Sky gameplay part 1 on the ps4! No Man’s Sky is an open world survival game where you get to explore planets! Join me in this adventure and let’s see what we can discover!

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Heather Bernal says:

keep on mining…

j cc says:

I’ve been watching a ton of no man’s sky, and your stream was easily one of the best. You’re a really good youtuber! Keep it up 😀

RickyPlayz01 - GAMING says:

Wtf is that music ugh

Mista. Filer says:

you know you can literally walk up walls, the physics are wierd

Heather Bernal says:

gamers we are awesome:)..

Joshua Gray says:

Gotta say, out of all the live streamers that played this game..she’s the best!!

Spider Infested Tacos ] S.I.T says:


Dave Read says:

Watching this is kinda like watching an untrained puppy playing with a ball for the first time. Good to see you’re having fun with the game though.

darkgamer lord says:

I found you

Mentql says:

I got in when the stream was over. Noooooo! 🙁

Tania Welthagen says:

you have to play TITAN FALL 2!!!!!!!!! please it is a very awsesome game

Heather Bernal says:

i will more happy donate


i like your laugh

Colin Anderson says:

Man I want to play this game so badly. I’m so jealous. I bought it but it keeps crashing after the intro screen. But even if it didn’t, I think it would be too slow for it to be fun because even the intro screen has a low fps count 🙁 I should’ve checked the system requirements first. Oh well. You live and you learn, right?

Heather Bernal says:

i most definitely want this game

vault boy says:

I remember I was there heck I even subbed

Jorge Perez says:

Julie, why don’t you sprint in this game? This is my first time watching your vids, and like it so far. I’ve been watching this video for over 4hrs now. Please sprint and always make sure to save. You missed the save spot at the Operations Center which is why it kept showing on your screen. Keep up the good work. I also love Ruffles.

JordanS243 says:

I LOVE the music at the beginning of your streams! Also, your streams are very fun to watch, you’re a great player!

ObiJoeEli says:


PCmadness35 says:

those views though and subs mumma must be proud

Heather Bernal says:

lets do it sweety:)

Xavier Albino says:


Shutdown The Gamer says:

6 HOURS LONG *grabs popcorn and 24 pack mtn dew* FUCK YEAH

Martin Punt says:

I subcribed 🙂 love your videos.

Roberta Marchese says:

6 hours…OMG

IZ_ emoji says:

One shot Theicemangames channel is gone!

Hyper7Animations says:

When does she buy her ship

Kazuto Kirigaya says:

Sup one_shot_gurl

Greg Gregocelt says:


MrMpa31 says:

I’m new here and your positivity is super infectious.  Great job.

Skyler Enola says:

Am i the only one who feel that this game is boring…?

ryller ft says:

good job ONE_shot_GURL.Have a fine day.

zak stannard says:

if you ever get a chance look up a game called (empyrion galactic survival) its a space survival game where you start by crash landing on a planet, then you mine for resources,gather, grow and cook food and start building your own base hover vessels and small ships and big capitol ships to carry your small ships and discover new planets and eliminate drones and alien factions. the game is still in development and is so much fun already.

Echo says:

it is physically impossible for one person to explore every planet xD

Jakobe Williams says:

hi everybody

DovaTheBoi says:


OMGitshaley says:

Hope you have a nice night Julie!

Scott Mantooth says:

keep collecting those vortex cubes (several more trips even if you do it before the actual streaming session begins (say ten trips) since they are super rare (and super dense) and exceptionally valuable and there seems to be so many of them in that particular location. It might be a good idea to have several in storage for trading with other aliens for more desirable upgrades…besides, you can acquire a new and better (and much bigger and uber snazzy) ship for fending off pirates allow for more rapid transit betwix the vast reaches of space …not only that, we don’t really know that they do yet…they might unlock additional information from the monoliths or give a massive boost to your multi-tool, ship, or exo-suit when combined in the precise and proper way…

you're mom 420 says:

aswome stream

Heather Bernal says:

your fun ….

Heather Bernal says:



Maxed out my suit slots 48 total!!!! Btw if u want units farm emyril!!

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