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Welcome to World of Tanks! WoT is a tank simulation game set in the mid 20th Century! First 30 000 viewers to use the code IAMTANKER2016 can get (7 days premium time, 250 gold, and free Churchill III Tank) when you click here: http://cpm.wargaming.net/igeilq1v/?pub_id=Blitzkriegsler and use the code IAMTANKER2016 . Applicable to new users only.“

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World of Tanks Gameplay Overview:

World of Tanks is the free-to- play online phenomenon that throws players into breathtaking tank battles across epic battlefields.  Set in the mid-20th century, World of Tanks gives players access to an impressive roster of over 450 authentic tanks, from powerful steel brawlers to light and fast scouts. Join the over 150 million players worldwide who have joined the armored warfare sensation, and make your name on the battlefield!

World of Tanks Gameplay Features:

►The Ultimate Armored Warfare Experience

► Battle with the most Powerful and Authentic Tanks of the mid-20 th century.

► Experience intense tank-on- tank combat in a unique battlefield experience that’s a mix of multiple genres:

► Simulator: Authentic models and vehicle characteristics make you feel like a real tank commander taking part in a furious armored offensive.  

► RPG: Your armored beast isn't just a tin can on tracks. It’s an evolving machine that should be treated accordingly. Research your available upgrades and modifications to enhance its performance on the battlefield. 

► Action: Take part in joint operations to spot, track, and destroy enemy units.

► Engage them in head-to- head duels where your speed and reaction time is as important as any co-op shooter. 

► Strategy: There’s only one simple rule to follow: don't be a hero. Rally your comrades to devise a battle plan and assign roles, then move out and defeat your enemy on the field. 

► Regular updates that bring new content into the game and weekly special events keep players with evolving experiences!

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Download World of Tanks for Xbox One, PS4, and PC Today:

World of tanks Xbox One: http://cpm.wargaming.net/bqk1i3al/?pub_id=Blitzkriegsler

World of Tanks PS4: http://cpm.wargaming.net/pz9peqnu/?pub_id=Blitzkriegsler

World of Tanks PC: http://cpm.wargaming.net/uxm5tlo4/?pub_id=BlitzKriegsler

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Tom Wilson says:

can u pls play cossacks 3

Blake Grover says:

do more

GTABlockOps says:

The Matilda onwards are powerful if you angle your amour right

hoang 12345678910 says:

Are they AI

RiseOfThe Phoenix says:

Live stream today

hoang 12345678910 says:

I’m going to play that game

Anthon Nordin-Lindgren says:

Do more plz

Sbong says:

wot is nothing like a simulator. Like it literally has HEALTH…

Skvadiant says:

I love WOT!!! Haven’t played it in a while but

RanDoesGames says:

39001 views. 9001

mk boss says:

can you play war thunder is basically the same but with tanks,planes,and ships it’s made by the same company

Dylan James007 says:

Play some more world of tanks

Parker Landua says:

make this a sires

LevelDestroyer//Levelel says:

more more more

Mr.youtubeboss ! says:

I play WoW (world of warships)

Tyler Smith says:

Check out world of war planes. It’s also fun.

DarkSoul X says:

Plz come and subscribe to my new YouTube channel!

-vascheddu - says:

Please play War thunder like if you agre

Bonnie And William says:

first battle you won with 4 hp

Ragna Rock says:

it’s not simulator.

mrY3ll0wman says:

That aint a tank simulator, thats an arcade game! Don’t let it foil the fun tough, WT ain’t mutch better lol

Blake Murphy says:


japanese Gaming says:

blitz i love youre video i play wot 24 7 but if go around a Corner in wot try to side scrape

Franco Gauthier says:

I like artillery tanks

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