VIVE/VR MilSim ► Afghanistan Firefight Simulation (Onward Gameplay)

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Thanks so much for watching everyone, and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!


Kapado says:

tbis shows how easy it actually is for the friendly fire casualties to happen.

MOzombieProductions says:

lol! that was great

Tact Life says:

Wow I have been out of the loop, what system is this ? A virtual reality system ????? Where do I buy

Dr_Dacosta says:

Drake I am curious do you get motion sickness when playing vr games and not moving.

DeLyX Hardiee says:

Wait… The real question is. Can you run towards a waist high object and then jump in real life to get over it? That would be crazy.

GenericFakeName says:

Watch as bludrake employs the ancient battle technique of crouching and holding his rifle above his head, shooting in the general direction of what could potentially be bad guys. He has learned…the afghani shitter. Haha, no disrespect though, in a firefight I’d probably cry and shit myself xD

xTopGaming says:

more of this!

Sid Wara says:

Love how the VR makes you shoot like the henchmen in farcry

leto says:

I didn’t see one ennemy in this video, i dont know how you do it xD

RicebowlJohnson says:

That realistic battle chatter.

DarkSideSixOfficial says:

Tactical Blind firing. XD

Sawingleon says:

all the game needs is prettier lighting, limited ammo (loadout system?) and possibly fun perks like active camo when crouched unarmed for people that are wanting them knife glory kills…. like me. id totally buy it if that existed 😀

Frisky Dong says:

If they where in real war they would be dead in 5 min.

louamt second says:

Just imagine dayz like this

SMOAKEYave says:

bad ass.

Charles says:


remy pereira says:

you’re just a shill jarhead and civilians are pussy faggots

Christopher John says:

Glad these dudes were never in my Infantry unit haha

Mincer - says:

Game is in early alpha and WIP. Its already really freaking good.

Chris C. says:

Shit show.

Hooves says:

not solely about a fear of death but plays a huge part and this video game never imparts anything that’s going to trigger PTSD trust me

Attack SAVAGE says:

This game……..yesssss

John Mullen says:

Guys… heart rate monitors!! As a healthcare professional, I want to see a realtime feed of heart rate and if possible, respirations!!!!

bearnose says:

Haha!! Awesome video man!! 😀 NEED this game!!

Inemuri says:

i want more of these videos ;-; it looks soo cool

Chakrit Watkins says:

that beginning was hilarious

NHNGCorpsmanHusky says:

try arma in the vive, no controllers. set vive to free head look

kijuan Sskater says:

Drake you channel is fucking hilarious , videos and comment section lmoa i always have a good laugh at the assholes here

Blue says:

he seems so stressed bro its just a game

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