Villagers | A Brand New Medieval Town Simulation, Let’s Get Building! | Gameplay Let’s Play | Part 1

We’re checking out a brand new game today, and most likely one that will be added to the roster of regularly scheduled games, Villagers. Villagers is a Medieval Town building simulator that does an excellent job at…well, being a town building simulator, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. There’s a strong comedic effect within Villagers, and it’s one of those games that LOVES to break the fourth wall, which is actually pretty humorous to listen to. There’s actually quite a bit of dialog and story as well as various characters come and go to help our young City Manager attempt to create a settlement away from the War that is raging on to the north, taking the lives of all of the young folk that get conscripted into it. Hope you enjoy the Let’s Play!

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Step back into medieval times in this town-building, people simulation game!

Villagers is a beautifully illustrated and richly detailed game where you build and nurture a thriving community using the people and resources around you. Success or failure depends on your ability to create a town that can grow and prosper, and overcome the harsh realities of medieval life!

Gather and manage natural resources for buildings, ensure a plentiful supply of food and water to keep your villagers happy and allocate them jobs to continually improve and expand your settlement. Watch out for travelling artists who can spread illness, fierce bandits and wild animals that attack your townsfolk and extreme weather conditions that threaten their very survival!

In Story Mode you follow the journey of a group of medieval settlers living through dark times filled with war and illness. Using your town building and resource management skills you must guide them through six challenging missions that introduce the different aspects of Villagers gameplay. The campaigns guide you through building your first town, trading with merchants, food and water provision, managing the emotional wellbeing of your villagers, coping will illness and defending your townsfolk from attack!

You start your game on virgin lands and learn to build a community that allows your town to thrive. Happy villagers are more productive, form relationships and build homes. Couples living in houses will eventually have children who are delivered to your town by a stork! As these offspring grow up, they themselves become workers and help to support the growing town. Adults grow old and weak and eventually die, so you can follow the life of your villagers from birth to death.

Villagers is a lighthearted yet challenging town-building simulation game that will provide hours of engaging fun – are you up to the challenge?

Includes a Free Play mode with unlimited hours of fun across 6 varied maps with full access to all 27 buildings from the game.

Key Features:

• 2 modes of play; Story Mode and FreePlay
• Engaging and humorous storyline that illustrates medieval life
• 27 beautifully designed buildings to construct
• 16 illustrated and colourful characters
• 16 professions with their own clothing sets
• Sophisticated AI that influences happiness, relationships, families and duties
• Challenging missions; trade with merchants, manage livestock; control food and water supplies, produce and sell crops….
• Unlimited fun in FreePlay mode with over 6 maps to explore


Intro Music by Andru:

Outro Music by Teknoaxe:


K Meredyk says:

For a while I thought it was gaymaster mcgay

Michele Phipps says:

“GET IT DEBBIE!” just earned you a subscriber

bumblebee. says:

Thanks for playing, we had a great time watching you play 😀 Really looking forward to more!

Mitchey Games says:

Liked the voices you gave the characters. Thought you did pretty good. Keep up the good work.

Bork The Swedish Chef says:

“Citybuilder like the sims and civ” first of all neither the sims nor civ are citybuilders…

Secondly the sims and civ are veeeeery far apart in what kind of game they are.. do you even game?

Not_Slayer says:

Anyone who wants to get to the building 9:09

bumblebee. says:

Great reading, by the way!

Memory Lane Gaming says:

“Dasty Winds…” I don’t think that’s a word, sir…

The wit of this game seems to be on par with your own! Let the battle of the wits commence!

The Fat Rogue Sarenixen says:

Looks enticing.

Rayla says:

i love your humor and town building games.
you make these more fun then they are and at this point i can’t watch most let’s plays of these cause they bore me.
i watch your videos while my phone’s charging.
have you or will you ever play banished or City Skylines?

Vagabond Wastrel says:

They actually had better teeth than now if you compare the entire population.

meanraax says:

early access? nothing to do here….
douchebags selling qarter of game by full price of good game. its like buy my bread it will be best bread youve ever eat but for now you got bag of flour

Melissa Girard says:

Gray look at the page when the video is at 5:26

Epic Colt says:

Great video !:)

Thelostmerc says:

More i demand moreeee

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