Unstoppable Chicken Army! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sandbox Gameplay

Welcome to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sandbox! In this video of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator we play with a giant army of chickens!
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Overview:

A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other. You take the role of a Battle Commander as you place armies on the battle field. Watch as your minions destroy, or are destroyed by the red enemies!

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Bryce Schichi says:

its the chicken war

daniel mcmullin jr. says:

so many chickan man man

Faye Kennedy says:

U.S. Army vs alians

Faye Kennedy says:

Humans are musket men archers and poachers

Shadow Lord says:

I feel a great disturbance in the forest many chickens cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced


10 hawachas vs 4 chicken man man

Lquik37 says:

Hillary as shield Dave the chicken man and Tom chicken man man

elmoregamer Lau says:

flllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyying chicken glitch

Lquik37 says:

Do your best on this make me smile blitz I love you and thank you for doing my words I think I said 100 zombies 2 cannon crews 1 chariot and 8 archers and muskets

Justin Jovenal K. Cabalza Cabalza says:

god vs the devil (gods team chicken man man (middle) 3 ballistas (back) 50 chicken men (front) devils team chicken man man (back) 2 ballistas (left and ride) 47 chicken men (middle)

Michael Hayagan says:

muskets vs chiken man man

Casual Carter says:

The thing on the catapult is a bolder

Ricardo Marin says:

do Dave’s amry vs Tom’s army like if agree

Julio Lung says:

KFC for days

Stolen memes for Stolen dreams says:

Hey you should do liberty prime (1 chicken man man)vs synths(100 rifle men)

Kong Chayasane says:

Try how many chicken man can kill one chicken man man

bean the bean says:

do john cena vs john cena

Jim Stout says:

do 50 chicken man vs 3 chicken man man

Michael Baldwin says:

i want to see a balister vs balster

Lquik37 says:

100 persent

Faye Kennedy says:

Alians are chicken men and one chicken man man

MyLittlePS4Gaming says:

5:40 its football Xd the patriots vs broncos the match got canceled

pablo jonas says:

do a roman tortoise!!!!!!!

Admiral Taco says:

You should do Shiyroyama! Maybe about 150 samurai against 50 musketmen?

Theultimatewarrior Kx5 says:

Anyone for chicken we’ve got a whole lot right here

elmoregamer Lau says:

Dave is a footman Bob is a poecher and tom is a samrei.

Max Thunder Horn says:

Do the cilver war

Cosmo Hi says:

10 shields 20 archers vs 1 ballista 1 hwatcha and 1 catapult

/ Hastings says:

do 200 peasents vs. 10 balistas

Julio Lung says:

Put 100 chicken men vs 50 chicken men men

Chocolate Sans says:

11:13 The chickens strike back.

Wtao2008 the burning brave says:

Do dave VS fake dave (footman which is red for dave and another footman fighting the other footman which is blue)

noobs king of says:

do 25 hwatcha vs 25 hwatcha xD

Mystery Dragon YT MC N MORE! says:

Do Vampires vs Vampire Hunters:
Vampires are 50 Farmers(spiky pitchforks for teeth)
Vampire Hunters are 50 Muskets

Thefaceoftheword says:

I will summon a massive army of the chicken the will come busting out of the gates of Gehenna, These chickens will stampeded their way through all Israel their way into Syria wiping out foreign nations on the ground these chickens will also take flight smiting everything in the air as well. These chickens will put an end to the fighting days of the soldiers and rebels who contributed to the destabilization of this country are invading the country as well as the locals helping the invading armies, There shall be shaking in that region and the skies and waters in that region will show fearful signs.

Lukas Jensen Caruana says:

please play more slime rancher

Idalia Dominguez says:

i want to see chicken man man vs chicken man man

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