UEBS EPIC Siege of Jerusalem! NEW Units (Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Gameplay)

Let’s Play Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator NEW Udate: In UEBS we have the Siege of Jerusalem & Grim Reapper (UEBS Gameplay)

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Cody Man says:

There called Israelites

Brunon Bogun says:

suggestion for uebs
battle or hodów

attackers ,40,000 footmen (tatars)

defenders. 400 buffed cavalry health1000 attack 300

map : city or thé lost crusades

Red Raptor says:

React to the new trailer for the new faction in tabs

Kyle Phares says:

battle of the gods

1 Golden Knight
1 Chuck Norris
1 Matt Damon

Amazingbobh gaming says:

Here’s a good battle idea.

A catapult with every stat on max vs 100,000 golden knights

Julian Pennington says:

lmao why don’t you just play the Total War series? It’s better. Period.

jomtimmookie the hobo says:


AJ The Gamer says:

if you put the speed higher the archers catapults etc shoot faster and that means that they kill people really easy

Nma Mcnew says:

900000 zomles enethen

FanBoy FreakShow says:

You should have:
500 US soldiers
500 spartans
2000 chickens
1000 footmen
2000 zombies

All against each other as in 8 teams. It would be very funny to have such a random battle.

Beyblade 101 says:

They’re called the jews

N0pe g says:

team1 5000 zombies
2500 tortoises
100 soldiers

team2 8000 spartas
500 golden knight
500 zobies

team3 5500 fotman

Andrej Najdovski says:

Alexander the great vs the persians (sorry for the bad english)

Alexanders army
1000 spear men on a choke point
2000 archers on the hills
100 catapults next to the archers
500 fut soldiers waiting
in the backkk as backup 1000 knights
as alexander he will be a golden knight

The Persian army
as the leader he is going to be the oger (the big dude right?)
9000 persians
200 catapults
1000 orcs
3000 zombies cuz why not

like if you want to see it in the next vid

Guido Porro says:

he should add:
ice dragon
pegasus rider
hammer knights
flail knights


Spartans vs Persians

joy rombaon says:

Baron there is a NEW FACTION its called Stone Age its in tabs

Kaden Thompiins says:

operation. overlord.

600 army men

find a unit that look like Japanese. soldiers 600

location. the city

have the Japanese. soldiers. defend the city against the US

Eagle Eyes says:

Hey, Please Try this out
World Or Warcarft
Its Depends on you make sure you add the Golden Night as King
For the Wizards/Sorcerer Are Archers But not normal Archers Tho like times 5
And Any Kind Of Map
The Formation is up to you
Also Add a 2 Trolls to be in the human’s side
And all the units are up to you 😀

Jayden The Gamer says:

Do a super heavy knight with 100,000,000 health and 10,000,000 damage, attack speed:20, normal speed vs chunk norris

Colin Slechta says:

The hobbit battle of the five armies.

ClevelakeFPV says:

Hey dude, I dont know if you learned this but if you posses a character then you press v you open a menu to move multiple people.
Like if you think he needs to see this

rebecca travers says:

make a spartan with 999999 heath 999999 speed 999999 attack speed and 9999999 attack damage please

Sirraf BiH says:

You should do the zombie outbreak again, but you should possess a knight and run away and see how long you could survive

eddie lewis says:

Please press the n key just do it you will like it

El Shrimpo says:

Battle of the desert
10,000 Roman soldiers with 700 archers and 300 catapults
5,000 Calvary with 200 archers and 3,000 footmen and 600 catapults and 1,000 Persians
In a flat area in the city of the lost crusades map ( both sides on attacking mode)

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