UBOAT – New Gameplay Development – WW2 Submarine Simulation Game 2018

UBOAT is a simulator of a submarine from WWII era, yet different than all you have seen so far. It is a survival sandbox with crew management mechanics while its primary theme is life of German soldiers like in Wolfgang Petersen’s film Das Boot. The boat is their home, but it can become their grave at any time.

In UBOAT you control the crew to control the boat. You look after their physical and mental health, because if the sailors are hungry, tired and their spirit is low, there’s no chance of winning even a skirmish. It is important to balance the overall discipline and trauma of your crew. If you are a harsh captain, the level of both goes up. When trauma is high a secret feature of each sailor can be disclosed. It can reveal his alcoholism, make him go berserk, he can also turn out to be a coward or a spy.

Release: TBA 2018 / Windows Pc

Steam Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/494840/UBOAT/

Game Info Facebook: https://nl-nl.facebook.com/StudioDeepWater/


Raenir Salazar says:

I hope you reflect the fact that ULTRA intercepts mean that the more orders you follow, the more likely it is you face Allied hunting ships/planes.

Dean Wu says:

looks fun!

Alistar says:

i wanna, noooooow

Mooseman says:

Lets see if this game is better than Silent hunter 3

chris jones says:

Itd be awesome if we could be a uboat in new yorks harbor

Blue Wolf3627 says:

Add this to Xbox One plz

aaaaaaaaaaaa808 says:

Don’t let ‘PC’ culture hinders your game.

Foxbyday says:

Will there be mod support?

Isaac Fakelastname says:

This has such a classic medal of honor look

Михаил says:

To many blur.

vertigo1061 says:

Cool concept, but way too slow for me.

๖ۣۜF-๖ۣۜβ♂¥ ²² says:

Interesting… What engine are you using for the development?

101jir says:

I hope the micromanagement won’t be too bad. For example, I hope you can set shifts instead of always having to move crew around manually from being on or off duty. I’d love it where realistic, but for example SH3 ended up being unfun for me without mods because of constantly having to tell crew when their shift begins.

Real Idiot says:

They need better Gun Sounds and water surface breaching particles

SonOf Gars says:

An upgrade system might be kind of cool. Like diesel snorkels, acoustic torpedos and things like that

Grimreaper57 says:

This is amazing! Simply amazing!

joekes says:

I hope that you can also do a manual solutions for the torps and not just wait for the hit counter hits above 50% maybe there is but then i missed it

1 3 says:

This game looks amazing…can’t wait.

CA91 says:

Das Boot TV-Series November 2018!? Can’t wait!!!!

Cyborg Badger says:

Really looking forward to this, but it doesn’t look like its going to be the next Silent Hunter.Its more like the Sims Uboat edition.Will still play it to death though I reckon.

Bharath Yadav says:

Is it available for android

Prism says:

wait what kind of game is this something similer to FTL ?

Leo3ABP gaming says:

Looks disappointing. All looks but no substance.
Too arcade for its own good and so far I haven’t seen any hint that there gonna be options for realism mode: no proper map, no drawing tools, no TDM or anything like that in game interface, so I hardly doubt that even modding will be able to save this game (assuming it will support mods in the first place). I think people developing it are betting on a wrong crowd. For an average hamburger Joe game will probably end up being too boring and too slow paced compared to other crap he plays, but for a sim-crowd it will be way too overly simplified.

karlzen86 says:

Wish this game could be in VR. That would be nice^^

Shaggy says:

a new silent hunter type game? hell yeah take my wallet!

HappyHyppoCrokie says:

Its a long way to tipperary, its a long way to go

Mooseman says:

3:55 when you stub your toe on the door edge.

T says:

looks like one of those games that’s just gunna be shit

AlbanAwan says:

Love this! Hoping the campagin goes into some alt-History where if you do well enough the Axis can win the war.

송해성 says:

8:52 when you desperately need to go to the toilet in the middle of the battle.

Darkside7672 says:

Reminds me on good old silent hunter, but better 🙂 Keep going like this

flyingmadpakke says:

This looks very inspired from Silent Hunter 5 TWoS overhaul, which is a very good thing! Hopefully the game will be much more stable though. Imo, you should keep it relatively complex, and I would like to see navigation and aiming of torpedoes made more realistic. Definitely going to try this game when it’s out 😀

Captain Keyes says:

What would be cool to add is (as a idea) enemy aircraft in the game like Maritime patrol planes that can pick you up with radar and attack you with AT rockets or its cannon

Pavel Freeman says:

И в каком месте это симулятор? Игра для ДЦП и умственно отсталых.

Zachary Krawczyk says:

I’m guessing you guys visited the U-505 in Chicago? Great exhibit!

Non Kane says:

Silent Hunter III, there are already many good Uboat games

Frano The Lich says:

The onl, thing, besides actual german songs on radio, you should also add sliding ability, lije when sailors are running from one compartment to another. Like in das boot

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