Transport Fever BOS-WASH Part 22 – NORTHEAST NIGHTMARE! – Gameplay 2017

Best New Simulator/Simulation Games 2017 – Transport Fever Let’s Play – Accurately recreating the transport routes of the Boston – Washington Corridor – A full sandbox playthrough starting in 1850 on a custom USA Map

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Christoph Pfeiffer says:

If you don’t want the autosnap hold the Shift key 😉

Ryan Gebhart says:

You’ve had warnings flashing for the last couple of videos. You should probably check that out.

mbauerish says:

As far as I know the slowest vehicle on a line defines the price for the whole line. So the two Moguls made the whole route more or less a free ride for your passengers.

Little D Training says:

Send all the trains back to the depot, check the line and start again.

thedillon25100 says:

hey skye would you be able to upload this map to the workshop and add it to your list of mods “im assuming you made it since i cant find it”

Pro XxX Gamer says:

Have you took into consideration that the older your trains get the more they cost to run. Also the more frequent trains become on that set line the more cash is generated.

Chris WynneR says:


Johan Thunberg says:

The North east corridor still only let off like 50 passengers in the end of the video. Are you sure it’s not skipping over any station going down the line, so they have to go all the way down and back to get to their station?

Mihajlo D says:

Skye you have those 2 trains that are slow and they have their own passengers that they count not get rid of because you have transferred them to the new line, so i guess that could be a problem..

nihir says:

check out RP BOS-WASH also. I think it may have the same problem.

Nicholas Stephenson says:

When you get a chance to have K4 Pacific locomotives please paint one blue and name it the Blue Comet

E50D Trident says:

cut the coach lines which parallel to the train lines should help better performance

Rudy Ciu says:


Laughing Gamer says:


Cumbrian Reiver says:

About 9th (ish) ?

Blindarchangel82 says:


andrew beck says:

yesssssss thank god i was about to go to sleep ty sky

Alex Mitchell says:

Stop using the same trains over and over its really really boring.

SCP993 says:

Passenger lines with more than two stops aren’t very efficient. It’s better to do point to point lines running to a central depot than to do loops.

Microsoftman404 says:

I honestly live for Skye’s TF videos.

Chuck Co says:

@Skye. I think there is a major glitch with the train lines with this experimental patch. I don’t think your train problem was something that occurred when you added the extra cities. In my game i’ve noticed that some passengers at the train station are actually catching north bound trains when the people actually want to heading to a southern city. Look at your last train that drops off in Washington at 51:30 and you see it only counts down to about mid 20’s then starts taking on passengers again.

Cody Seto says:

You should change some truck routes to a train

ncgallagher says:

another thing that might help the train speed is to add more rails for the split in new york that goes over to albany and other splits rather than let all the different lines have to share the same rails

dan b says:

MP54 power car, it’s an electric train, it needs to be loved on a branch line

cbm 298x says:

Hey Skye, just a thought, have you removed any stations/stops recently from the northeast corridor? The trains may have been filled with passengers wanting to get off at a stop that doesn’t exist anymore… so they just ride the train up and down Ad infinitum?

Ikusa GT says:

According to the wiki that next Ship upgrade for grain will be the Axalp in 1950
Next Bus the Twin Coach in 1942
Trains coming in 1926 and 1930

Rokas Ratkevičius says:

the trains are running, but passengers are not, time to triplen train lenghts

yeahheadd says:

i dont think u emptied those trains from that last fliparoo last episode so the passengers never got to their destination which means the trains have to make another FULL journey 🙂

ncgallagher says:


ethan hatcher says:

Skye, please rename the Norfolk Southern to Norfolk and Western. NS didn’t exist until the 1990s from a merger between N&W and Southern railroad

Hrithik Dhanji says:

cool success to the Northeast Corridor back to a big profit

Teapop311 says:

Skye, upgrade the northeast corridor to p54 power cars

David White says:

quite the nail biter hazzah

ncgallagher says:

hi Skye can you turn the Oil line into a circle loop so that it will be a bit faster or would that conflict too much with the historical line?

ugo rota says:

wait the big boy 4 the nort/est line!!

Chris WynneR says:

Somewhere near the front

Robert Orton says:

It seems like the order of the stops are wrong on that train line.

Dustyn Miller says:

upgrade utica oil trains

Japp says:

Hi Skye

I have wached all you series of transport fever and i play alot of transport fever myself and i see you mane the same mistake from my point of view. You try to make one single loooong line from city 1 to city 10 with all the sops in betwen. From my experience is better to make more lines from city 1 to city 2 and from city 2 to city 3 ….. 9 to 10, because the trains run full or atmost full all the time and you will dont have the stations full all the time. Another ideea what i try in my game time is to chose one central city and put one big station with full lines and from there start to run diferent lines from other cities (one central point). I hope i helped you with this 🙂 meibe you will ancer me 🙂 have fun.

Leo Gaming says:

Yeah new episode

Mega Gaming says:


Crusher UK2013 says:

Hi Skye, at 34:33 the signals at the level crossing are setup to block the road if they are at danger.

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