Transport Fever BOS-WASH Part 19 – ATLANTICS! – Gameplay/Simulation Games 2017

Best New Simulator Games 2017 – Transport Fever Let’s Play – Accurately recreating the transport routes of the Boston – Washington Corridor – A full sandbox playthrough starting in 1850 on a custom USA Map

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brynjasdf srriui says:

could you do some more industrial? and please fix the food Line! grain, cows and food is backing up!

Dr. Scarlett says:

What’s snaffoo, precious?

Sandeep Moharana says:

no awesomesauce this ep

jasper beckers says:

Skye i have a great idea for the next series! same like this series but then one of the dutch (netherlands) railroads. they have a lot of models of dutch trains on the workshop and there already is a great map of the netherlands in big size 4k and 6k just needs a little remodeling

Mattplays - indie games and others says:

Skye You Have 100k Subs Congrats. Sorry If Im A Bit Late

robyk65 says:

Check the damn line paths…

Antsmithmk says:

time to get goods moving now. grow the cities, means more people to move….


There is like half a meter of wood bridge by the oil pump. You have to look veeeeery close 😉

Tyler Hendrix says:

Would be nice if you could put in tracks and stations in between buildings and roads without having to demolish them.

bakakun12 says:

God this game handles NURB-splines so badly. please, give me a tangent handle on the tracks!

Hafiezul Haq says:

OMG. Happy 100,000 subscribers Skye!
Love your videos!

BostonGuy says:

Where did that second stuck train at the end come from? I thought everything was moving and cleared out.

Has anyone found a way to prevent trains from reversing when you temporarily delete tracks?

Billys World says:

Please sky start using the trams in the city loops instead of bus!!!

Giebs n Stuff says:

Seriously people… Hit the “Like” button.

CanadianCarlos says:

Hey Skye, Great series, Just a few ideas maybe, I would really like to see less electric trains this time, We get to use different trains and also the scenery isnt ruined as much. Also I understand that bus stops are great and easy to use but i dont think it would hurt to have a a few actual stations along the routes. Then we can have the city grow around them and have cool mod ones later in the years. Actually last thing, It would be nice to see some painted trains too. Some Black Passenger trains or other colours (But i have always wanted you to paint one of the bullet trains black. Sinister looking) flying along, Some red fuel/oil lines. Different colour buses for different bus lines. I dunno. something to mix it up a little bit. Loving the series and great builds. Map almost makes it up to my province of Nova Scotia.

Zachary and Alexis Nigro says:

Dear skye in the next episode can you please rebuild the new york to spring field line and rename it to new york new haven and Hartford railroad with a New york new haven and hartford locomotive and cars and the utica line with k4s and new york central cars.

Humbrian Sung says:

Hi Skye. Virgin viewer to your channel. I watch many others play this game too, so getting even more new ideas is excellent. Only quip I can make is you have many bumps in your train lines because of breaking the golden rule – Never build rail over road. Only build road over rail. Unless of course it’s just a case of meh! 😛
Apart from that. Great stream and can’t wait for more. Thanks.
I’m going to guess you’re from Coventry?…nearish 😀

Rudy Rodriguez says:

Hey Skye that train you purchased at 3933 does Clarestories you actually put the new riveted steel passenger cars.

Ggamer _ says:

skye show the town pops please

anthony sanchez says:

Your oil line is still screwed up! When u increased the speed at the tracks when they pick up the fuel you didn’t put a track back for the trains to switch over the go back to get the oil on the right track so they just drop off oil and get fuel then go back on the same track and get stuck

SaberThePrince says:

Where the hell is the Cities Skylines Building London series?????

Sean Fitzsimons says:

Skye, trains do slow down at stations but not really until they get INTO the station so any improvement you make to track elsewhere will help the line’s efficiency.

Joakim Juul Eriksen says:

Just love the “Memphis Bell” reference…

Nathaniel Shani says:

skye storme please can you do a S2 of sim airport from scratch its made
a lot of updates

MrDave_cdg says:

100K subs!! Nice work Sky!

Japopo says:

There are not even electric trains in the game yet why would you electrify any track before you have electric trains.

Drumzy Drums says:

Sky, The answer to your frustration with trains flipping around is oneway signals. I like you got frustrated with trains getting flipped. So I started changing to one way signals and now I can break any line, upgrade stations and reconnect with no trains flipping.

Ben Hickey says:

Please, destroy the old freight station that Utica oil used to run through in Jersey, it isn’t being used, and is taking up space for houses. You owe it to them for destroying all those cities.

GP40-2 Productions says:

the northeast corridor north of new york wasn’t electrified till much much later not until like the 70’s or 80’s new york to Washington was electrified in like the 20’s


nice video just wanted to let you know Skye that your fuel is buggered on the utica oil line.

Cat, Raven says:

He ever fix his Fertilizer boats?

HD GAMING Travel says:

cool video

Lee1978R says:

Skye ….help needed, I see you have maybe 15 trains on a single line with 4-6 carriages per train. How do you know when to choose extra carriages over more trains? I worry I’m going to over crowd my lines and back my trains up or slow everything down. Advice please?

James Petts says:

If you are having problems fitting enough trains on your line, can you not just quad track it?

M1rockster says:

If possible, is there a mod which allows you to use a third rail system for electrification over caternarys, as it is just as efficient, but keeps the aesthetics of the rails.

Ian Behrstock says:

please upgrade to the k4 son the northeast corridor from new york to washington

2v1l says:

Skye put one way signals! It will prevent trains from flipping around. And the catenary looks ugly, remove it or find a mod for it.

Pessimistic Videographer says:

MP54s are going to be crucial in keeping accuracy.

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