Train Simulator 2019 64 bit gameplay Portsmouth Harbor Route Class 444

Train Simulator 2019 is available now and finally playable in 64-bit glory. Not that I’d know 64-bit glory if it introduced itself to me formally and invited me for drinks at the club. In today’s voyage aboard a shiny class 444 South Western trains service to Portsmouth Harbor I’m making the run from Waterloo to Haslemere which will almost certainly run on time with no problems.

Train Simulator 2019 was provided to me at no cost by my friends at Dovetail Games. When I say they’re my friends, I’m not exaggerating, I know a good number of the fine people working there in the real world. As such don’t expect this to be a scathing expose. Not that I do scathing exposes anyway. I’m just playing the thing.

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Myrm Ants says:

The button for the floor pedel is E. 🙂


How to download this game in android

The Dum Gamer says:

7:11 Thats southern not south eastern!

Gamer Roemer says:


Simon Parker says:

With all these beeps its like R2D2 is driving the train with you.

Duke Dudeston says:

Lol did you edit out flying past Weybridge because you said it wasnt on this line?

Anyway, great video enjoyed it.

ECGadget says:

“I almost read the sign”

Ace of Base reference was predicted a few seconds before it was said.
Great content as usual Col.


“South eastern”

Fortress Inman says:

I’m having an anxiety attack watching my route from Guildford to work in Camden every day for 6 years. And Weybridge is on this line, it’s the branch line terminus for places like Virginia Water.

Paul Dorset says:

The windows aren’t dirty it’s just the clouds 😛

Stranger Happened says:

Thanks, but *is your GPU is too old or the game is super slow in graphics?* Is Trainz 2019 is any better in terms of graphics detail and FPS?

Naufal muhammad says:

Can it works in windows 10?

Sir Harry says:

Will TS2019 be out on PS4 and Xbox one

Steve Baldock says:

Driver’s blind … lol! … another oversight by DTG !!!

Gareth Goodman says:

“We’re driving a big beefy train, other trains quake in terror at our passing” 😀

heh I LOL’d at that, great stuff 🙂

tasev1 says:

Obviously, 64-bit doesn’t make the sim any better? I’m guessing they just keep this sim line going for all the prior owners with massive collections that need better support with 64-bit. Perhaps this one will be the last rendition, now that we have train sim world available?

NoLlama says:

Wow, the graphics look pretty much the same as in the original Microsoft Train Simulator from 2001. Compared to the Train Sim World, the difference is really striking.

Tomos merivale says:

It’s a deadmans handle, so the train doesn’t crash if driver dies or falls asleep

SBFR Trains says:

that is the drivers safety device also named as DSD

Kino Zomby says:

Is this PC only?

MrThrash43 says:

I’ve only just subscribed and already I’m loving this channel please would you mind subscribing back

Martin Featherstone says:

Get out more you sad act

Wasserfeld says:

We’ve all got fond memories of the Clapham Jun area…

London Waterloo, Vauxhall, Queenstown Rd, Clapham Jun, Earlsfield, Wimbledon, Raynes Park, New Malden, Berrylands, Surbiton, Esher, Hersham, Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge, Byfleet & New Haw, West Byfleet, Woking, Worplesdon, Guildford, Farncombe, Godalming, Milford, Witley, Haslemere.

Bokken_brus Norsk_gaming says:

The pedal is so the driver dosent sleep

Matt Seymour says:

I’ve just bought the new 2019 train sim version but when loaded up the game it says 2018 and seems the same as before. What do I do to update it?

Ya boi Taku says:

Why is it south west trains instead of south western railway?

Phil Marshall says:

The Q key cancels all alarms (AWS, dsd, etc…) in train simulator:)

Desmond Blenio says:

Colonel’s Daring Flamboyant ‘hang your rules’ Railroad, coming soon with more bulldozers!

Jo Bowler says:

How do I update it to 2019

papasmurfette007 says:

Cooking bacon in the toilets, eh. Great place for a butty…

Stephen Dew says:

Just an FYI that wasn’t a South Eastern Railway service, that was a Southern service. Southeastern operate in Kent and along the HS1 line. Hello nerds.

Youtube Viewer says:

will this be avalible on PS4 ?

Alexander Goldie says:

the speeding is cringeworthy!!

UA says:

How do you get good FPS on this route, all I get is 16FPS, bloody useless

TommyKiryu 777 says:

**Passes through Earlsfield*
“…is this Vauxhall?”
**hard facepalm*

RailSim Gamer says:

To Stop the “smoke alarm sound” hit the E key that will stop the little sod for about 2 minutes 😀

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