Tracks! – Wooden Train Track Simulator! – Tracks Gameplay

Welcome to Tracks! Tracks is a wooden train simulator! Build and design your wooden train and drive the train around the bedroom!
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Tracks Gameplay Overview:

Build the train sets of your childhood dreams with an easy-to-use
editor. Just indicate where you want to build and Tracks does all the
hard work for you, effortlessly mapping out turns, junctions and
crossings. Once you’ve finished your creation, ride along it in first person from inside your train.

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Owen youtuber says:

blitz you are amazing

CryptoSalmon says:


Andrew Matteson says:

conjunction junction what’s your function?
School House Rock

Galaxy Slash says:

do more my little blackshop

zhilong Lin says:

Wow it is so cool

dewblast gaming says:

I actually had toy train tracks just like the tracks in this video

cool poop says:

This game is relaxing and the music makes it so relaxing I could fall asleep

Blitz says:

Let me know your thoughts on this game or more ideas for a Tracks episode on my Facebook page:

Genji Shimada says:

This video is so good! İ feel satisfied! İ think your the only youtuber THAT never screams

Llane Bowman says:

Brings back memories as a child!

xX_SlayerOfHeresy_Xx says:

this game is so adorable and nostalgiac…

Mukesh Soni says:


Broken Tenno says:

Hey Blitz, I know some people might not like my comment. But are you busy now? Because I used to watch you all the time. And I still like you but… You don’t exactly upload things as often as you used to.. And I feel that the quality has kind of dropped. Sometimes when a Tabs update is out, someone else covers it in their channel within a day. But it might take you a week. Just wanted to let you know how I felt. And I understand if people might dislike the heck out of my comment.

Hari Zubairy says:

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing games ever .

Edison C Reed says:

do more plz game looks fun

Samuel Ballard says:

Totally accurate free train driving simulator


14c3po says:

Is there more birthdays the beginning coming soon? It is well missed

thelostgames101 says:

the pancakes are making me hungry, when this is over i’ll tost some eggos.

Owen youtuber says:


Wasted says:

Guys I need help should I get Amazing Frog or Feed and Grow Fish

Presley Johnston-Dobbs says:

did you know you could make a jump

Aedan Scurrah says:

im early tooo

Power 21351 says:


Dustin Castillo says:

play battalion wars,do u have a wii?do u have a way to record a wii?

Supermax says:

Love blitz blitz

Andres Scooby says:

more episodes plz

4_za 4s says:

This would be fun with multiplayer or multiple trains

Benedict Espino says:

i like it

Ezekiel Rauch says:

Do some more its interesting

Galaxy Slash says:


%100 says:

I’m early

Fast Wing says:

did u already play cosmoteer?

Talavon !! says:

More tracks and cosmoteer ps fort nite and we need to go deeper

RandomGuyz says:

Guys! We need to get blitz to not delete one of the mean comments, and pin it! So then he will be ashamed of criticizing the best YouTuber ever! Like if you agree!! Re-comment this to! We need to get blitz to see this!!!

Benjamin Brinkmann says:

this awesomeeeee

Rev_dude says:

It’s an interesting concept…but I can’t see a lot of potential for gameplay…could be a good relaxing thing for vr though…

HooD says:

Who else saw jack play this game a while ago

Come to Jesus says:

Do more

maximon889 says:

hey blitz could u do a series on planet coaster please 🙂

thelostgames101 says:

Who else has seen this before?

ike snipe says:

More plz

collossus kid derpster says:

This game brought back so Many memories

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