Tourist Bus Simulator #1 – First Look!

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Marino Beijer says:

You should turn your AC down. It is 30+ degrees outside so you want it to be cool inside. About 18 degrees.

Joshie_ 1999 says:

Been To This Island So Many Times Its Amazing Also Jeff Next Time You Play I Recommend The TUI Livery Its Amazing I Fly With Them All The Time.

Jazz Riwiri says:

More pls
Lol. I think it’s cool..great video

Funny videos Kinda says:


cody white says:

Gotta be hella bored to play this game.. LOL

FrassBoss K says:

When i hear your voice I want to play Tower 3D pro right away lol

Kin W says:

R.I.P CPU GPU 100% RAM 80% usage

Cody Darr says:

Good Vided

Kaiser Friedrich Wilhelm II says:

The stop sign that you said was American, it’s actually used here in Spain too.

Jacob Quebedeaux says:

The Mexican sodas are called jarritos

Oliver Matthews says:

That is a lot like an airport in the canary islands

Space ManCM says:

That landing in The beginning was fucking bad. I think people got whip lash

blacc boi says:

Everytime when stopping at a bus stop use ur hazards to let traffic know ur stopping

Nickatrix10 says:

Those fizzy drinks are called Jarritos

Naxx21 says:

If you type the number of fov you want into the number box it will change the fov never mind the max on the slider.

Benjamin Kennerley says:

Jeff please can you play cities skylines

Doc says:

This would be cool on console.

Alan MacDonald says:

Is this for PS4 and Xbox or just for pc?

Marcona Jake says:

Service rating 50% NAILED IT!

Ugandan Knuckles Blue says:

Are you using a wheel?

Skate Raptor 1 says:

What happens when you drive illegally

Faith Jay says:

Can’t wait for the Uber simulator.

Carter Ruins Everything says:

Male 1 looks like the protagonist from LA noir

Extinct King03 says:

There is jayo and jaliscos

Mark and Recreation says:

I was expecting K.I.T.T. turboboosting over the airplane during that intro..

Sah Dude says:

You say it’s on epic settings.
But it isn’t…?

*Oh wait the quality was on 240p*

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