Totally Accurate Raft Battle Simulator! – Let’s Play Stupid Raft Battles Gameplay

Welcome to Stupid Raft Battle Simulator! Stupid Raft Battle Simulator is a physics based simulator game set during the golden age of piracy. Your goal is to defeat your opponent by eliminating all enemy units on the battlefield.

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Stupid Raft Battle Simulator Gameplay Features:

Stupid Raft Battle Simulator
is a physics based simulator game set during the golden age of piracy. Your goal is to defeat your opponent by eliminating all enemy units on the battlefield.
The gameplay consist of two phases:
The first phase is turn-based. The players have to position their vessels on the battlefield in arbitrary locations and place their units on top of the vessels.

The second phase is the real-time, physics based simulation of the battle.
The current features include:
single player mode
1 vs. 1 multiplayer mode
chat with your opponent
complex, physics based combat system
3 different ships
5 different units
beautiful, low-poly visuals
available on windows, mac linux
cross platform multiplayer
Unique game elements
Freely explorable level
Living underwater environment

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Check out Stupid Raft battle Simulator on Steam:

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Special thanks to the developers for providing a free press key!

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The Enchanted Burrito says:

Hey blitz, I know TABS is a very popular game on your channel and you and all of your viewers (including me) love it, but can you stop making every video a Totally Accurate ______ Simulator? It is no big deal but it does bother me and I’m sure other viewers.

Gaming Warfare says:

The paddle guy he doesn’t paddle he hits with the paddle

Oliver Jelinčić says:

Everytime you say Musket, i think of TABS

XLoki05 says:

play with your friends

Fusion Django says:

“3:18 ” musketman” they have goddamn flintlocks

Mads Krab says:

the balls hit in the air -Blitz-2017-

Gabe Felix says:

Hi blitz

max yang says:

Is this made from the creators of gang beasts? Cause the people look like the people in gang beasts

Rowan Henderson says:


Hieu Dang says:

The game could be on iPad look

Oliver Jelinčić says:

The “Defeat” sound sounds like a victory noise

David Jendayi says:

There is a multiplayer


Where is horizon 0 dawn

Marzik Gaming says:

Wow blitz I remember you had 200 thousand Subs, gongrats reaching up to 700 thousand Subs and more!

Oliver Johansson says:

I love low poly art

GodPanda 444 says:

You are the BEST

Sherry Hicks says:

Play more blackwave like for yes dislike for no

FatDuc 123 says:

go subscribe to my channel at FatDuc 123 plz

Adress mk says:

تستحق like استمر ♥♡♥♡♥♡

Ismael Gault says:

It’s a shame you don’t have a wider audience, check out U 2 B Z O N E . C O M – It will help you 🙂

Nick Fletcher says:

So essentially tabs on the water, but with gang beasts graphics, and that fish boat is powered by a fish that I’m pretty sure has been ripped out of feed and grow: fish.

ik ram says:

wheres HZD?

HushPuppy316 says:

My mom told me my hamster is sleeping

Kevin Matthew A says:

7:34 The army of sperms are advancing!

GodPanda 444 says:

Roses are red violets are blue if you love blitz than may the force be with you

Everything games says:

Blitz the boats do nothing without archers in them

Lol Man says:

I just want to thank you Blitz, your a truly genuine youtuber which is hard to find these days. Thanks for the fun times,laughs, and I cant wait to watch more videos as time rolls on!

Stryps #RASTASKULL420 says:

Who else got the Spirit Legends add and its not even out?

Tyler Dynamite says:

what a noob

bulky machacha says:

blitz can you do a series on this i love it

TheFoxGamer25 says:

Do another episode of Horizon 0 Dawn please!!!

Cheese Nugget says:


Earl Bland says:

When’s the next horizon zero dawn episode coming out blitz?

Lapse-daisical says:

Like, sooooooooo bad!

Gaming Warfare says:

U can place people on the normal boats

Jack Poon says:

This is fun. Please do more.

Xing Cai says:

Hey blitz can I subscribe?

Craig hammond says:


Awesome Acer21 says:

If you ever play this again try to put a canon on a canoe next to a enemy raft

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