Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: TABS – Let’s Play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

This is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator gameplay! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a totally accurate battle simulator. More like a ragdoll physics game that simulates a battle with unexpected results!

In this EP. 1 of our let’s play gameplay series we delve into Totally Accurate Battle Simulator or TABS.

This Let’s Play series includes gameplay footage, some tips and a quick review at the end.


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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (or TABS) is a thoroughly ridiculous looking real time battle strategy game from the creators of Clustertruck, in which wobbly limbed, low poly armies do battle with some wonderfully slapstick consequences.

It’s still early in development, but at the moment Totally Accurate Battle Simulator looks like a chaotic blend of Gang Beasts and Total War, introducing a comical injection of real time physics into the traditionally sensible real time battle strategy genre. Players will have access to different weaponry and equipments for their troops, and there’s bound to be some amount of tactical strategy involved, but really we just want to see two armies of wonky limbed soldiers flop around on the battlefield!

Sure, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator may not be the most authentic battle simulation out there, but it certainly looks like the most fun – a chaos-filled real time battle simulation unlike anything you’ve played before.


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and TABS gameplay was developed by Landfall


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chicken einstien says:

how do you start playing

Jack Pickle says:

Love outro music

Dias Gamer says:

Nice vid like from Luxembourg

Mr.Boaz says:

you should’ve out the ballista IN THE FREAKING BACK

Roe2Ki says:

you should do facecam around 2k subs maybe

Lika_a_ pig says:

this is don’t download to me

Leo Smith says:


Filenius says:


Дима Костенко says:

ебать ты дебил

Roe2Ki says:

I just subscribed

Too_ mami says:

make more!!!

bombz n gunz says:

suck a dick

Ouroboros says:

Don’t move the mouse so much it’s hard to see what’s happening! Good vid though

Pharix says:

you moved the camera around to much XD

Bryan Quiniou says:

We can’t see shit.

GRISuS says:

stop saying my goodness…

insystem7 says:

I cant believe you missed out a chance to just go sandbox and do an accurate representation of battle of the bastards. Think about it, this is the only game where bodies can actually pile up.

Roe2Ki says:

my best was 2 days ago

Sigmun Mendoza says:

You Suck anD I love it

Bryan Morris says:

Holy crap simulator 2016

Pinapple52 says:

Do you have a code for this that i can have?

Joy B says:

Me too

evan marin says:


Tanner Williams says:

please Paragon tell me how you got this and how I could get this!

Tortoise ProductionsTM Official says:

am i the only one who was: begging to get accepted for alpha, facepalming ahen he was putting stuff backwards

Little Flower says:

Hello! Do you know where I can get this game?

The homicidal cupcake says:

You had me at Blblblblblbblblblblblblblbl, subscribed.

Mr.Boaz says:


Isaac Salomon says:

you sir just earned a sub!

Aiden Ketterer says:

How do i get this game???

Issac Cramer says:

hi hex

João Victor Viegas says:

eles tá querendo pau

Михаил Самсонов says:

very gooooood!)

Lolkick1000 says:


Andrey Filipenko says:

ебать это хуйня

Tony Kings says:

you suck , why you notplay the sand box 40shile vs 40 shile
i things

Gamerz Brotherz says:


RaoGamerPlays says:

can i use this game audio on my youtube gaming channel ! any copyright???????????????

Jorge Sanchez says:

is it just me or did like every layout look like a penis

Mason Cochran says:


NikiHD1232 gamer says:


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