Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Sandbox Tournament Round 1! – TABS Gameplay

Welcome to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! In this video of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator we try out the new Hwacha unit from the newest TABS update.
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Overview:

A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other. You take the role of a Battle Commander as you place armies on the battle field. Watch as your minions destroy, or are destroyed by the red enemies!

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William Letheby says:

I want this Game so bad!!!

Mester Master says:

I Think that are the the babarian

Henry Barsanti says:

the problem with this is that some units are good, but only in certain situations, such as
muskets vs. shields and muskets vs. archers

Swafford Jack says:


Eric Hothead says:

Go farmers

TyrannosaurusAx says:


Ozan Toker says:

there was only 20 poachers against 40 boxers

James Stewart says:


Amy Circosta says:


Kaelan Mick says:

I hope a later release of tabs includes an online component. 1000 money to each player and blindly create armies to fight it out

Claire Emmons says:


TyrannosaurusAx says:

Yeah Archers not Poachers sorry again!

Claire Emmons says:


TyrannosaurusAx says:

My Moneys on the poacher/archer(which one is good in this version?

Rated R says:


ur frnd Rck ll22sixtyeight says:

it is a rock paper scisors

Potato Bomb says:

This is so great XD

Ameriproud ohio17 says:

The Boxers!

Claire Emmons says:


Martijn Coenegrachts says:


Xander Mauricio says:


Wizard Gaming says:

you know you could have just done a 10v10 for every battle. it would be more fair and accurate instead of just doing it based on the money which is basically unfair to do it based on the price in my opinion.

Bonnie And William says:


mitchell ramirez says:

dude u posted on my bday! plus im 365 comment Xd

Andrew Madden says:

He is pretty good at commentary

Xander Mauricio says:


RedRocket gamer says:


Xander Mauricio says:


Treyven Taylor says:

boxers vs peasants

Bilegbaatar Damdinsuren says:


Hulk is sick says:

I paused at 3:44 I vote farmers too.

Claire Emmons says:


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