Totally Accurate Battle Simulator : KILL THE GIANTS! (T.A.B.S Gameplay)

We’re back with more Totally Accurate Battle Simulator featuring the chicken man and all his new friends! In this Totally accurate battle simulator gameplay video(also know as tabs), we show version 0.2.0 and all its awesome new features.
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Game Info :
In Totally Accurate Battle Simulator you pit waving arm men against each other and watch them fight it out. Be the strategic battle genius you’ve always known you are by guiding the waving arm dudes to victory against a wide variety of different armies.

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Xenogic says:

My God, the Titans are evolving

KING_JOSH2879 says:

Just gonna say that Olli you are one of the only youtubers i 100% support because you don’t take your money for granted, you don’t have a huge Mansion, flashy car and stuff like that, you’re modest and I have mad respect for you mate X plus you care about your subscribers and don’t take them for granted X

Xenogic says:

Seid ihr das Essen
Nein, wir sind der Jäger

Ribbon the Horned Tiger says:

At 3:04, the musket at the right is being faked out by a chicken flying around him, then one just destroys him

Thomas Veysey says:

why do u put ur little wanker ass angel soft bear beige ass slim shady fuck figure ass in the corner

Jesse James Ward says:

Dude, your computer is a beast at 4:40. That is alot for it to handle.

X Gen says:

Anyone else find it a little disturbing that the chicken men are just wearing brown trench coats?

Andrew Huang says:

giant vs sameri attack on titan

GangstaMitch05 Vlogs says:

Chicken of duty #dicksoutforharambe

Can ÖZAYLAK says:

4:22 18+

elton walgeborg says:

Swedis vikings

Dark Ninja says:

9:15 is like tabs plus battlefield 1

Josh C. says:

2:07 You realize that samurai and ninjas are completely different right?

Clem says:

“The Samurai Are Not Very Ninja Like”

Best Comments of 2016
brought to you by

Anthony 43 says:

On YouTube look up Carolyn castro-nieto

da smiley guy says:


Harry Smith says:

You put the hwatchas or however you spell it a bit too close to the targets

Ben Kim says:

The hwachas are Korean xD. not Japanese

Quix says:

It isn’t japanese it’s korean

X Gen says:

I’d be stumbling around like that too if I had chicken man diarrhea. Aaah *fart* *gurgle* Bakeeeeerk!

spider says:

THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rada Boom says:

20 muskets vs 20 muskets in desert = battlefield 1

Super Ninja says:

Ollie keep up the awsome videos dude

Xenogic says:

Having sex with the bees and the eagles

Hot, hot, hot, hot
Hot bees and eagles

Henry Lewis says:


Anton Jones says:

do 63 archers vs 2 chicken man man

Maher Benjamin says:


Watermelone says:

he roots for red because he is having Revolutionary War flashbacks

JSCCCc SL says:

I’m the 1000 like

Bruno Kollman says:

the hwacha and musket were added before the update

Mac PooPum says:

6 chicken man men 1 peasant. would you watch it?

Juan Colon says:

the musket and the hwacha were in the previous update, also buffing and nerfing some units

NicoGamerPc says:

op cock

Malia Zoghlin says:


Aiden Pitts says:

he forgot about one present in one of the battals

The Candyman That Can says:

*looks at samurai*
“they don’t look very ninja-ish at all”
no shit, sherlock, ninja’s and samurai were enemies.

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