Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay – PREPARE FOR BATTLE | IGPeek

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay – Welcome to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a physics-based medieval battle simulator with a comical aesthetic. Let’s play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator!

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Alpha testing ►

About Totally Accurate Battle Simulator:

A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other.

Intro/Outro Music “Glitz At The Ritz 1” by Gavin Luke



danealgamer aldlmy says:

pochers are more good frim archuer

Josh W says:

That was great

GHD 23 says:


Chelsea Holden says:

play The Escapist

Dante Green says:


Newmattymoo says:

stop saying f@#K

Xixi Zhang says:

Nothing else has made me laugh so much lol

Game Mage says:

The word peasant is spelt wrong -_-

Game Mage says:

5:01 he took a arrow to a knee like really?

Ar Argh says:

hi I’m new

ghost call of duty says:

you are dumb

Mariweegee says:

“literally some footmen” lol

ghost call of duty says:

ifp is dumb

Neva Ding says:

IGP and IGN Sitting in a tree k i s s I n g lol this is stupid

geremy sanchez says:

Omg so real!

Daniel Toms says:

cannons are better than catapults

Alexia Tumbaga says:

Fuck you go to hell and die

NedPlayzMC - Minecraft And More says:

How to play?
No download link

Damian Becker says:

stuff like this would be so much more enjoyable if YouTubers knew how to play games correctly

Cosmestrial Gaming says:

When is it going to come out

TheKarl Nice says:

Давай побольше серий.

Zuriel Babida says:

Some youtubers are just idiots……

Thomas Eisele says:

Lol an IG Peak?

niku oros says:

an spearman vs chariot

Bunnycorn Murderer says:

you know someone doesnt know a single thing about the game if they are using archers and catapults…

redraven 03 says:

never saw a guy so happy to beat the first level in my life

Blandon Chang says:

Dude catapults are terrible machine

MegaMarioCraft says:

5:02 I used to be an adventurer like you…

Darth Vader says:


Jaiden & Zorin Queens says:

Love ur vids

arevalo camacho says:

algien sabe ablar oes pañol

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