Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay – Physics Based Medieval Battle! – Let’s Play Part 1

Let’s Play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a physics based medieval battle simulator game which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is only in pre-alpha, but it’s a ton of fun. In TABS you build your army of googly eyed minions and unleash them against the blue army in a variety of different scenarios.

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Akram Ess says:

your so idiot

Adam Weinberg says:

why are you putting your archers in front of you melee

Phoniex Warrior says:

sorry I did not mean to insult you but you cleared the game in a longer amount of time then other youtubers

Alejandro playz says:

ur not bad I was just watching this vid only I did not see through all of it to see you learned about the arrow I’m sorry

Ozer Harry says:

I think that scipio and Hannibal put there week men in the center

Edwin Espino says:

you should use poachers instead of archers the poachers are a better version of archers they shoot straight at there target not arching there shot

arnold Villarreal says:

poachers are archers just a little weaker

Phoniex Warrior says:

sorry but you kinda are bad at the game sorrrrry

Alejandro playz says:

I’m gonna sub but I would love if u told ur channel about mine it’s alejandro playz and could u put a link I the descrpition

Calvin hi i no how to coment dollars says:

freakin plaice it

Lejnus says:

jesus christ this is frustrating to watch. if i were to do a lets play i certainly would test the game and look up the damn basics first. this is just looking at someone taking far too long to get anywhere due to lack of knowledge of how to play…

rusty war ships says:

he is wright

Me Meats says:

He has his directions reversed

Gabe da dachsund says:

pause at 15:28 and look at where then guy in the front got shot lol

jcjfjxk xjdnxnjdjz says:

fuck you

Fin Harris says:

Poachers are better then archers

Kidplaysminecraft says:


Alejandro playz says:

dude I’m sorry I just don’t like it when people don’t know anything about a game but ur new to it so I apologize I’m sosorry

PK says:

Hannibal put weaker troops in the middle and strong troops on the outside, allowing the enemies to dig farther and farther into weaker troops until they were surrounded by sting troops and flanked.

Aidenlee Maclean says:

use pochard

SteePest442 says:

Hah hah “why are the archers in the front?”

PhilipTheGamerAndVlogger PGV says:

Poacher is the same as archer but poacher is better then archer

WolfEatsCakes says:

What a cringey video

XxvideogamerxX says:


Brian Demichael says:


Victor Trinidad says:

Poachers shoot better than archers

IDrinkVodKaEveryDay says:

You already played this game (You didn’t record while playing this so its your 2nd time playing this) you don’t need to record and play it again sorry but this video was not fun to watch

Samir Perdomo says:

Direction error man

Phoniex Warrior says:

you suck

buildaholic05 says:

Good Video, Subscriber earned.

Tyler Cavey says:

Hannibal put the weaker soldiers in the center at the battle of Cannae

Alejandro playz says:

it’s cause u suck

sofkincool says:

not funny and terrible at the game. what is the appeal

W Lifford says:

you suck

Devin Williams says:

Everyone in the world uses fucking archers. STOP USING ARCHERS. POACHERS ARE ALWAYS BETTER.

Erwin Fuchs says:

You should sometimes change your strategy, instead of spamming cheap units in the hope that this time they will succeed.
Besides your formations make no sense, they are 100% random and thoughtless, this is painful to watch.

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