Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay – BETTER THAN TOTAL WAR – TABS Gameplay

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a battle simulator that simulates battles in a totally accurate manner.
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TheKkd123 says:

09:27 that that face tho

Crazycar Twentyone says:

16:25 What the hell happened to the shield charging the ballistas? Did he have some heart attack on the way there from anticipation and die?

Nagibatik Channel says:

хорошая игра

dragonkiller 123 says:

are you irish just asking

Nick Adelberg says:

use poachers

Ninfa molina says:

at 16:26 guy has heart attack

CTD Chrisbebele The Doge says:

13:59 the guy on the right is a SURVIVOR!

Nolan Nelson says:

archers do nothing but kill ur team

Jackichan Town says:

Lol so funny man keep doing what your doing

Agario CrazyFilms says:


Ernest Wong says:

at 16:24, there’s this one sheild guy that’s in front of the ballista and dies dramatically

Dawg Hawg says:

16:26 shield guy got shot by a sniper.

rookieslax says:


TheKkd123 says:

Almost pissed my self watching you play.. So Damn hilarious

gaming shark049 says:

he called us basturd

Styless Abyss says:

Use chariots

Tiger Gamer says:

are you russian?

Mylan Maag says:

Is this on Xbox one ?

Duckum66 Vlogs says:

At 16:27 there’s a guy giving mercy


I like your accent

Ray Nunes says:

Atomic PC says:

lol he has a cool accent

Adrian Jelks says:

it fucking foorman

samuel ramirez says:

beutaful basterds? {im new to this channle}

dragonkiller 123 says:

are you irish just asking

y doge guy!!!!!!! says:

I’m a hater I’m a hater

Rb Chap says:

you suck at this game

Reginald Pitts says:

u earn sub your an intelligent strategist

Comment says:

2:07 Morgan freeman: ” form a firing line right here! “

K22playzz says:

how do i get it?

Ryan Villalba says:

Petard is so funny

Kevin Paschal says:

16:25 the guy that was running at the ballista with a shield looked like he was saying OW MY EARS as he died

dragonkiller 123 says:

are you irish just asking

PapaFranku Potatoman says:

Dude this is so funny! Nice video

Enrico Games says:


V.E.N.O.M says:

love this game !!!!

Duckum66 Vlogs says:


Duckum66 Vlogs says:


Atomic PC says:

good god i laughed so hard i couldnt breath ;D

Lea Gabor says:

Learn better English

Spookie says:

I love your vids

Cassandra Gould says:

I’m new to this channel but I swear this guy is related to The Count from Sesame Street! 🙂 lmao

James Bloom says:


evan marin says:


ThumbsUpVlogs says:

You should use chariots they are badass

Lost601 Gaming says:

great video but I had to pause and cringe at the idea of putting ANYTHING in front of a cannon 😛

The Real RHG says:

he is Russian derp

berserk gaming says:

Lol so funny at 2:15 “holy shit footmon big”

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