Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay ➤ Medieval Battle Sim Game! Funny Moments! [TABS]

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay ➤ Medieval Physics Based Battle Sim Game! Funny Moments! TABS Gameplay! A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other.
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Porky Productions says:

I haven’t even got this game and I know more

Iriana Diaz says:


Kyle Martinez says:

almost every person I’ve seen play this never use the poacher which is better than the archer

Mike Bagby says:

Entak, Poachers are basically just better archers

MsDjessa says:

Interesting how much effect it seems to have that traditionally video games advance from left to right and in Europe text is read to the same direction. Even with that arrow it seemed to take you such a long time before you realized which direction is which in game. Like I said I suspect it is due to traditional game and reading directions and not that I would think you are stupid or anything.

Porky Productions says:

Funny moments or stupidity?

Mark Humphrey says:

On the next episode use poachers poachers are better than archers

Snowi says:

so many mistakes

Andrew Newman says:

Im that little angel on your shoulder saying,”Use poachers!”

Vixia says:

How does entak have more subs. He deserves them

Agent Emerald says:

Level 7: 2 ballistas, and 1 cannoncrew

Diego Turtle says:

are you retarded?

simon abbasov says:

ENtaK puts shields down in a pattern so that they won’t hit each other but says “I hope the won’t —-> SHANK <---- eachother in the back" how are the shields going to SHANK each other in the back doe? ;--;

laongdao Sriworanan says:

A lot of utubers think the poachers are “archers”. What noobs

I am Face cake says:

Poacher is close range archer

Karagianis says:

I’m kind of hoping the game eventually gets forts which would give catapults a use (good at breaking walls) atm, they seem kind of pointless.

Tendai Ball says:

The poacher is the better archer u wanted

bread the gamer says:

i was yelling at the screen u did it wrong DO U NOT SEE THE ARROW GAWD!!!!!!!!

Little Man Pat says:

dumbo your doing it wrong

Pete Cerea says:

Want to see 800 bucks worth of peasanta on lvl 10

Chigger D' Chode says:

You kind of sound like garfield especially when you “Oh nooo, oh nooo.”

Chu Cuing says:

spear men lol

Luna Nails says:

Poachers are archers

running _stars says:


SweetiepieGames says:

Guys dobnt be mad about the arrow, go check jacksepticeye, now thats cringe xD

Glenn Martin says:


jake Tompkins says:

poachers are better than archers admit it

Savannah Abel says:

there better because there not archers there poachers

Adrian_ Zombturtle says:

I can’t he did not use the most op unit the poacher

Meajboy -rocket league and more says:

The had poachers not archers

Logan Benner says:

use poachers their better then archers

Daniel Feenstra says:

if you have sign up how can you play the game?

Richard Williams says:

Use poachers not archers


I want a full game

Meajboy -rocket league and more says:


Mike Florea says:

Me at around 1:00 :
HOW COULD YOU NOT FIGURE OUT THE ORIENTATION OF THE TROOPS? The arrow on the edge shows that YOUR SOLDIERS will attack in THAT way. N00b. (And I didn’t even play the game…).
Me at 9:55 :

Anakin Skywalker says:

Poachers are better then archers Tak

Pete Cerea says:

Poachers are better

racy rhino 04448 says:

yeh bro


poachers are better than Archer’s

NextGen Anthill says:

if you seen the ballista do very good why did you use those sucky cannons

Banana Dude says:


DasSchlachthaus says:

“Why is my cannon crew ahead of everyone else” I dunno maybe you put it ahead of everyone else in the layout

NeonColors99 says:

His troops were not aligned and it took my OCD level to suicide mode

majorjoseph 123 says:

dude the poacher have smaller bow than archer but the poacher are better

Banana Dude says:


John Bemben says:

Okay seriously if you put the catapult up front they can’t hit anyone ., so don’t put em up front okay eNtaK

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