Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – EPIC BATTLES OF HISTORY (T.A.B.S Update Gameplay)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – EPIC BATTLES OF HISTORY (T.A.B.S Update Gameplay)
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Canyon Partch says:

Archers versus catapults

ElectroWolf says:

Vikings are like Spartans am I right?

GizzbergGaming Me says:

Fight fight fight

Idk Jess says:

Everynightrox can you di sheilds vs vikings

Awesomegamer 21 says:

katana you mean

Nonstop gaming says:

Fun fact about samari they would actually wait beside a road in a tree and ambush so it’s more like barbarian tactics

Butterbeer says:

bring on the zambies

Luke Carney says:

it’s called a katana like in suicide squad

Awesome 3DG says:

RIOT DAMNNIT PLAY MORE SUBNATICA BOI WE MISS IT There are precursor bases and a new degas I base

F4e games says:

how i can play it

Jordan Fox says:


azteca ddress says:

Vikings are so OP

TeamStriker says:

6:48, when he said they sent an army and got merked, exactly what happened after wall maria fell and everyone bum rushed the titans (56th expedition)

WOBBLE God says:

peasents are zombies

An 8 bit character says:

Yay another TABS video!

Jackson Gunter says:

Riooooooott!!! Dude your the bomb. So friggin hilarious. Please play some more TABS! And I follow your isle and Ark posts every day bro keep up the good work! And we should kick it when I’m in LA!!!

Anthony Myers says:

is the name of the small katana

- Ablck says:

Speaking of the last samurai it was filmed in taranaki which is where I live and we have one of the platforms tom cruise stood on cause he is so short when he was walking next to his friend

Cyber// Annihilation says:

Tabs is beast

Keoni Carman says:

10:30 So basically for honor how it will gor

adam ohmidan says:

zombies are a great idea

Christina Walt says:

Do more ark play ase a Dino

Kevin says:

The small sword you said you have is a tonto

MR Foster says:

subnotica gott new stuff dat you need to be in survival to see

Doniel Da Pogi says:

you are looking old

Icarus Uzuchiha says:

the small titans are the 13, 15, and 20 meter tall titans

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