Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 1000 PEASANTS!!! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

This is my Let’s Play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator gameplay series! quick info: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a Ragdoll physics game that simulates a battle with unexpected results!

In this EP. 1 of our let’s play gameplay series we delve into Totally Accurate Battle Simulator or TABS. You can Subscribe to be part of the Alpha test here:

This Let’s Play series includes gameplay footage, some tips and a quick review at the end.


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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (or TABS) is a thoroughly ridiculous looking real time battle strategy game from the creators of Clustertruck, in which wobbly limbed, low poly armies do battle with some wonderfully slapstick consequences.
It’s still early in development, but at the moment Totally Accurate Battle Simulator looks like a chaotic blend of Gang Beasts and Total War, introducing a comical injection of real time physics into the traditionally sensible real time battle strategy genre. Players will have access to different weaponry and equipments for their troops, and there’s bound to be some amount of tactical strategy involved, but really we just want to see two armies of wonky limbed soldiers flop around on the battlefield!
Sure, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator may not be the most authentic battle simulation out there, but it certainly looks like the most fun – a chaos-filled real time battle simulation unlike anything you’ve played before.


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and TABS gameplay was developed by Landfall

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Timothy James says:

While Valor and Mystic are fighting, Instinct becomes the best.

The Psykonaut says:

You’re genial 😀 and you love me…I KNOW?YOU SAY IT ! (I love French People)

Richtofen says:

wow I could kill all of these swines!

EricPlayZ says:

i just confirmed yesterday the suscribtion but when it’s gonna give me the game to test it i really want it!!!

Ghossek Bmx says:

puto ingles

halo3gamehead says:

that was not a simulation of a war but a documentary of one lol
with just pictures haha
and then the war turned into a rave

Anh Vũ Nguyễn says:

give me the link , please

young criminals UK says:

it don’t let me get the game i sign in then wat

Emanuel Colque says:


S.H. P says:

Where do all those youtubers get this game? How do I get this game? Signing up for alpha test brings me nowhere.

Buzzy Cook says:


TheGamingKitten says:


a guy that dosen't do videos anymore says:

team mystic is a pokemon go team

da real GoombaGaming says:

wow you have a good computer

Mr. The Dreamer .Gamers And More says:

how to donwload this game?

iiPikachu Catcher101 says:

I wish I could get t.a.b.s

iiPikachu Catcher101 says:

But it’s not out yet, they give it to big youtubers to advertise it

Brian Deda says:


BLU3DR4GON-E-D says:


BoBu says:

Why would your PC get hot? It’s the game’s engine not the PC that makes it slow.

Audra Brophy says:


Noobster says:

where can i buy this game?

KingGamer Kis says:

lol the orbs from Lord of the rings

africotte15 says:

I am french and i d’ont like this comparaison

AuRa Hallow says:


MineCraftMods says:

1000 peasents vs 1000 peasents

A Little Blueberry says:

7:20 The French Civil War in a nutshell.

Heather Thompson says:


Vitis Veniferi says:

Who won in the end?

4rym4n says:


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