Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – 10 NEW CAMPAIGN LEVELS | T.A.B.S. Gameplay (0.2.0)

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Pre-Alpha Update 0.2.0 – 10 New Campaign Levels (Levels 11 through 20) – Welcome back to more Totally Accurate Battle Simulator gameplay! Today, we check out the latest Update to TABS and the 10 new campaign levels that came with it! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a physics-based medieval battle simulator with a comical aesthetic. Let’s play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator!

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A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other.

Intro/Outro Music “Glitz At The Ritz 1” by Gavin Luke

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Update 0.2.0 Pre-Alpha – 10 New Campaign Levels



Ali Mali says:


Finley Campbell says:

trumps v Hillarys

Elijah Morrison says:

use da frickin ballista

Lucky Sime says:

13:57 the musket fell trouch the ground XD LMAO

BraveLite526 says:

100 poachers vs 100 archers

Gavin Godsey says:

a war Vikings vs sparta

acceythenexxongamer says:

Why do you use your money on peasents when you have 20 why not barbarians or farmers and other stuff like that

Wearyaxe says:

I think the musket might be better against the chicken man man than the archers.

john dempster says:

goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo U ARE SOOOOOOOOO EPIC WOOHOO

Lueezee Jlape says:

Am I the only one crushed when he didn’t put 2 peasants ;-;

Holden Kydoimos says:

I thought IGP standed for “I go pee”

Brady Anderson says:

The shields should be nerfed

RashidFarting says:

You made me die with laughter, you are so funny

PD2002 | Psycho Dog says:

10 previous levels have some changes

mfurukawa100 says:

fuck your wife

TwelveSilver says:

They should do caverly

Wal Nuts says:

Needs speed up button

Joey Valenzo says:

you had Trump’s wall

Aiden McGee says:

there’s one more update in a week or 2

Mohamed Zaki says:

fuck you igp 🙂

The New Planet says:

shields arnt buffed they do a one hit if they charge

Caden Mercado says:

do the whole campaing but only use the fling V formation

Kyle Shields says:

It’s odd hearing my last name so many times in one video haha.

Noah Ortiz says:

You are awesome IGP

lalita wingtips says:

and cannons

jerry Ai says:

you do know that samurai can destroy the chicken man man in litteraly 2 seconds

jovan lopez says:


SNOW KID 24 says:

igp please do this play tabs every time you lose you eat 2 halapeno at once

Zachary Quinn says:

is totally accurate battle simulator free

YTflinger says:

10.40 dude now at this point these are the spartans lol

tim riddle says:

during the intro the way he was talking reminded me of rick and morty

SammyPlaysThings says:

The muskets aren’t terrible your musket placements are terrible

SammyPlaysThings says:

You should try actual ARMIES instead of actually placing one or two types of troops

faith stallworth says:

He is surviving how!!!!!!!!

lalita wingtips says:

do peasents farmers and catapult vs shield archers samari

Mr Mech says:


Kyan Raguro says:

I think the colors on the side of the levels represent the map those levels are on

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