Top Secret Mission & ABSOLUTE DISASTER!? (Bomber Crew Gameplay)

Let’s Play Bomber Crew: Bomber Crew FTL for WW2 Bomber Planes! Strategic Simulation (Bomber Crew Gameplay part 3)
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About Bomber Crew:
Chocks away! Bomber Crew is a strategic simulation game, where picking the right crew and keeping your bomber in tip top shape is the difference between completing your mission or losing it all!

Prepare your crew for their most dangerous mission yet and go chocks away for a sky-bound expedition in this strategic survival sim, Bomber Crew.

Choose your Crew!
Train and personalise your own Bomber Crew. Procedurally-generated names, skills and back stories means a unique experience for everyone, but be careful, as death is permanent.

Immersive flight simulation!
Carefully manage everything from fuel, ammo, hydraulics and more in your very own physics-based Bomber. Make it yours with a wide array of nose art and liveries, or design your own with the simple to use in-game tool.

Fast paced strategy!
Each mission is a high-risk expedition where danger comes from every angle. Enemy fighters, flak guns, poor weather, low oxygen and an array of other perilous dangers await when the wheels are up.

Be prepared!
Preparation is key for a successful mission. Tag enemy fighters before they reach you, make sure your destination is marked but most importantly, make sure you have the right team for the job. On a WW2 bomber, every role is essential for victory!

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CB LS says:

the engineer activates the engine extinguisher

maedan romaraog says:

Lesson learned never celebrate too early

Jobwar GamezYT says:

Lol they died. But how did Ritchie survive xD

Edoardo scp says:

The engineer call him Winston Churchill.

LUO SI XUN says:

I am so happy that the bomber crashed. The Red Baron fraud has finally met it’s end. Serves you right, Baron. You were never the Red Baron in any way.

SGT. ButterNubbs says:

hey Baron you can lean the fuel so that it can deplete much slower so much longer fuel

Eddie Leafstedt says:

If you keep your macanic at his station you can use the engine extinguishers, also instead of using the macanic as your 3 gunner send the bomber to man the 3 gun in the rear that way your macanic will be free and protected. Calling for recon will show you enemy flak locations, the radio oporator skill at lvl 8 is auto lock just so you know. Last but not least i suggest haveing at least 2 crew with the medical perk as their secondary, trust me it will come in handy more often then you think. If you want more advice from me just let me know. Enjoy i know i am.

Shawn-David Miller says:

You should name your pilot jebadiah kerman from kerbal space program because in ksp he was the best maybe he’ll be best here 2. like if u agree

Lukas Martin says:

should’ve clicked bail

Mason Kinter says:

Why didn’t the Lancaster just good down the land was flat?

Rapping Raptors says:


Hop Devil says:

Engineers can put out engine fires from inside. They have to be at their station and you need the right equipment installed.

jack johnson says:

Baron when you pot your plane on lean there was something to the left called engine extinguishers it had one use and that could have saved you the engine and your crew

Mary Rakowsky says:


WikiMonster9950 says:


thinknoodles jr says:

Make the sourviver the strongest i cant type btw

Liam Squidface says:

BARON do emg. dives from med altitude to put out engine fires! Like so baron can see!

General Dunc says:

baron, your engineer should stay in his seat till he is needed on the bottom turret that way he can use the extinguishers and get more fuel.

ImperialGamer says:

name the pilot henry plz

Erin Nicks says:

The planes called the Flying Fortress its in ww2 it had 25 missions but coming back is low

sopwithpuppy says:

Baron, at mission start, send all your gunners (top turret, rear turret, nose turret) to get extra ammo (it will show 3 belts of 900 instead of 900/2 it will say 900/3), then get your engineer to pick up a belt of ammo and man the ventral turret. He can remain there, unless you need repairs. The engineer should then be sent to get ammo and return to engineer position. As he sits down, he will drop an ammo box. Do this a couple of times to have some ammo on the floor for the nose turret gunner. Then send him back to get more ammo, and then ask him to pick up the medkit at your rear equipment rack. He will drop the ammo and pick up med. Send him to get more ammo, and he will drop the medkit next to ammo box, Place this ammo belt in the medkit slot. If you have a 3 slot equipment bay, you can store much more. You can also get a continuous belt feed at your rear turret, but not if you have a twin .50 cal setup there. You can do all this sitting on the tarmac until you get used to how to restock ammo supplies, but after you’re experienced, you can do it on the way to the target area. You can also fit engine fire extinguishers after more XP, but you can get anyone to pick up an extinguisher and crawl out on the wing to put out an engine fire. You can also perform an emergency dive to put it out (if you have enough altitude). Good vid. Keep it up.

Easy Guy says:

Oh gosh!!! Almost everyone KIA…. O_O

STARkitsune Fox says:


Jack Stembridge says:

Don’t forget that you can do a corkscrew or dive and it will get rid of the fire

Emiya Kiritsugu says:

RIP Baron Toasty no Toast

Jake Brenizer says:

Wow. “Were out of fuel” ten seconds later whole crew dead. On purpose

Hop Devil says:

Fuel saving trick : use lean when gaining altitude. When you go back down you will save fuel even if you are not using lean.

laura Hobbs says:

harry potter

a spy in a box says:

u need to look just for 10 sec to see how to change name

Wen Kang Tan says:

Baron you need to skill your members had fuel and you can’t crush land for no fuel and you need to upgrade your bomber to be strong and I think that radio was call your fighter at the base to backup… If im right but why it didn’t call any fighter or they can call at England?

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