My first look at the new adult life simulation game from Poking Water Games that got it’s full release on Steam this week – This Grand Life. I play through the first couple of tutorials with commentary as I go.

Don’t forget, if you want to see this game turned in to a series on the channel, we need to get to 500 likes on this video!

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JadenKortana says:

“Stupid rent and electricity!” – Me every month.

ryan macpherson says:

Could be a good one for sporadic streams maybe? See what disasters we can cause

Just Tommy says:

This looks a lot of fun would like to see more!

Rusty Hawk says:

If this is a life simulation, im sure not even in this simulation im gonna be a good football manger

Damion Bascombe says:

Let’s get this to 500 likes!


Shame i dont have steam. I would love to see a series.

Parkera Games says:

Worth a quick series I reckon.

Rob Simpson says:

The look on your face when you realized the key was to the snuggling club was priceless!

Anthony Barker says:

Looks beauty that, hope it comes out on iPad

s j says:

Decent game, wouldn’t mind watching it Kev..

Aaron M says:

I’d love a series on this if you could find the time.

Saggy Squid says:

I’d watch a mini series of this

Dan says:

This looks good, like to see a series

GwresYnKernow says:

112 hours is (7×24) – (7×8). So it’s a full week minus 8 hours sleep a night. I have no idea why I worked that out, but there we are.

Jon says:

Awesome game ,I hope this video gets 500likes xD

Matthew Kerr says:

Just new to the channel and loving the content!

Ra2orLeaf says:

I really enjoyed this and really hoped it becomes a mini series on the channel!!

Matt Auger says:

For something different, this looks like a whole lotta fun. Mini series is needed!

Ra2orLeaf says:


Matthew Guy says:

I wanted to play this kinda regret not buying it now hah 🙂

Willikins885 says:

Much love as always kev, Only me I’m sure but 5 ads does seem a little excessive on a 28 minute video. Watch all of them to support of course but for the first time ever with you I was tempted to turn on ad block.

Joe Jenkins says:

I came for FM. I stayed for other random games.


This looks like a good game. I would love a mini series!

Lee Cripps says:

Good looking game what do you think of the wwe shake up

Tadhg Benson says:

This looks awesome

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