Thief Steals $8 Rusty Toaster To Fund A Thieving Empire – Thief Simulator Gameplay Part 1

Today we’re checking out Thief Simulator. Thief Simulator (as the name suggests) is a thieving game where you explore an open world looking for homes to rob all while gaining intel and dealing with your buddy Vinny. In this episode, we do some very petty crimes to begin our thieving empire. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Thief Simulator, thanks for watching and liking.

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Become the real thief. Steal in free roam sandbox neighborhoods. Observe your target and gather information that will help you with the burglary. Take the challenge and rob the best secured houses. Buy some hi-tech burglar equipment and learn new thief tricks. Sell stolen goods to the passers. Do anything that a real thief does! A good thief always observes his target. What’s inside? Who lives there? What’s your target day schedule? Find out when the house is empty and does it have nosy neighbours. Choose from lots of possible approaches to prepare the best plan. Many modern devices available in Thief Simulator might come in handy with gathering intel about your target and it’s neighbourhood. The faster, the better. Find and steal as many valuables as possible in the shortest time possible. Remember that infinite backpacks don’t exist. When it’s about time you have to maintain cold blood. In every house you’ll find tons of useless stuff, which can really slow you down. If you’re not sure that you can take some serious money for it, maybe a good idea would be to leave it behind and save space for some expensive goods. If you fill your backpack with worthless items, you may have to waste your time to throw stuff out just to make space for other things. Be careful, cause some things can draw police attention to you! A real, experienced thief can spot places where there’s most probability of finding some valuables on the fly. Use the flashlight at night to highlight all the valuables in sight and places where you can expect them to be. Turn off the GPS trackers, disconnect all the devices from the internet and erase serial numbers. Disassemble a stolen car and sell parts on the internet. Prepare phones and tablets before selling in a pawn shop by removing their security. Look around for any useful items. They will save you some time on lockpicking or hacking. Key near a window or purchase receipts in trash bins. All those things can make life of an aspiring thief so much easier and reduce your burglary time even by a half. Of course many of them are just useless trash… Or maybe they aren’t? Be careful! In some houses you can meet unexpected guests. If they catch you in the act, they will call the police. In this case hide and wait till they stop looking for you or you can always leave the loot and run away as fast as possible.



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Zoleroid says:

They basically copy pasted the fallout 4 lockpicking it even looks the same.

Sunica Tesner says:

Red dead redemption2 please

Thomas Tailby says:

15:23 skyrim lockpicking

Miner Frags says:

I liked it please do more

Mathijs Doeser says:

Lockpicking is exactly the same as in Fallout 3. XD

Its_Me_Romano _ says:

The troodon was a small therapod dinosaur but it wasn’t just any dinosaur it was the smartest animal alive and if it wasn’t for the meteor it would have become the dominant life form on earth

Miner Frags says:

Oh I thought raptors were the smartest

Tony Valdez says:

Payday 2 with GTA5 world?
Do more!!


I hope he makes another video on this game

Casimir Drouin says:

we want more!!! great vidja

George Spence says:

ZeD is always the @Target

Plague Docrorino says:

Loved this, hope to see more, great video as always Draegast!

Tom R says:

Thieves don’t buy flashlights, they steal them.

horstiy s says:



This is poor mans payday

Linda Casaje says:

Upload it quick

M1 Gaming says:

This lockpicking is exactly the same as another game called thief

Karlo_098 says:

Do more

TheEmeraldMiner Emerald says:

video shows in 4/11/18 15:44. video was made yesterday. WHY ARE YOUTUBE SO SLOW?

Colin Harrison says:


Joe Rogers says:

Do a series

Josh Does Stuff says:


Tudor Leriu says:

That was surprisingly detailed and cool. I’d love to see more

Strange Dominus says:

MMhh I got robbed friday, now this…YEAH REVENGE!

Satsu Jin says:

always got a motion sick on first person view video games

tigerlep hunter says:

the car driving reminds me of jalopy

Matthew Bennett says:

why does it bother me that he called that accent italian

TheNewChronicles says:

Yeah do more

Ninja Bommber says:

Anybody seen my toaster?

suk_mike_hok says:

Legends say god made this only for morrocans

Cookieman 1215 says:

Please play more

Ike Brown says:

R u gray still plays

JB says:

Play some more, this game is pretty cool!

Frostknight says:

Heh. Fallout 4 and Skyrim Lockpicking

zach the skrublord 1015 says:

15:32 skyrim

Jaiperz says:

15:23 SKYRIM

AwesomeVindicator says:

Titles wrong the toaster was 3$

What Just Happened says:


Kifflom boy says:


Greg Degennaro says:

This game is awesome

tr3nta says:

lock picking doesnt work like that tho

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