THE PHARAOH’S DARK CURSE vs DARK PEASANT! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay (TABS)

TABS ~ THE PHARAOH’S DARK CURSE vs DARK PEASANT! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay | Kindly Keyin
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Welcome back to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, also known as TABS! It has been a while since we played TABS, but I’m glad to be back!

Be sure to leave any suggestions you might have for battles we can do in future episodes!

Learn more about TABS / Totally Accurate Battle Simulator here!

You can sign up for the TABS PC Open Alpha here:


All of my content is family friendly, so everyone can enjoy! Parent approved ;D

More TABS Gameplay Info ~

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, also known as TABS, is the ultimate army simulation software! Pit the most realistic simulations of units against each other in this unique and exciting game!


Bobby W says:

Please play Octodad

heena singh says:

Keyin You are the best YouTuber in the world I watch you every day! You always make me happy when I am sad Keep the work up. I have been watching you since you were at 20K. I am so happy you are at 100K I love your vids so much! I watch you so much that I had to get glasses! You are so funny! Keyin you always make me happy.

By the way what happened to the TABS Tournament?

Love your vids and keep them up.

Tathiara Cruz Mora says:

That is funny

kim Tran says:

I’m shocked too

Ryan Kerr says:

Your very nice

Ethan Catalan says:

in alpha 2 when the neighbor falls and you are on the couch the shadow man is with the neighbor

Devin Cordero says:


Balqiis Maanka says:

2 dark pesents vs to m16

Jayden Popa says:

Hey I am up at 3AM! It’s epic

Shush Party says:

I also like ur shirt

Shush Party says:

Kindly best gamer king in the entire galaxy

Awesome Cool says:

Thanks for making my day your funny…I had a bad day. Love your vids

ryan smith says:

Do dark peaseant  vs dark peaseant

Shush Party says:

Can’t make a vid bout battle cats

ninja king says:

vs 4 chicken man

Bertil Sandvad Meyhoff says:

You say my country is boring huh???!!

Shush Party says:

The next best YouTube troupe you goes to kindly keyin

lisa fitton says:

omg a new tabs vid yas i have watched the seires 5 times now

kim Tran says:

That was funny XD

Balqiis Maanka says:


ninja king says:

3 chicken man verses 3 darker peasants

flam to game 178 says:

5 chicken man man vs 10 Donald rumps

Shaiyan Muhtasim says:

Guys,keep calm and…

Subscribe to kindly keyin!! He is the best! Right?

ninja king says:

4 chicken man man

Samid Akthar says:

Kindley you have the same shirt that i bought my dad for his birthday

Version IV Gaming says:

It’s like that time when I was playing counter strike and my friend was the only one left alive on the counter terrorist group

Bryson Ray says:


the artist says:

More tabs I can’t stop laughing from that little blue guy that won by doing nothing the secret to win life just do nothing and you win

Bryson Ray says:


Sierra Turner says:

Hey can you do a Gettysburg battle have 30 musketeers on union which is blue and put 20 shields and 50 musketeers on the confederates modify to your hearts content love ya Keyin keep up the the good work!

richard nia says:

Hi babe thanks for all the help

ninja king says:

hi kindly keyin

Balqiis Maanka says:


Kacie Munden says:

Kindly Keyin do 100 dark Peasesants vs 100 more

Uzma Shazadi says:

What about goodbye king has that updated yet?

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