THE EPIC FIGHTS WE’VE ALWAYS WANTED | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Part 8

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wolfjedisamuel says:

7:36 *How The 2016 Presidential Election Should Have Ended.*

Cody Wishon says:

200+ laser guns vs. 200+ laser guns. no box guns, swords, beamers, ect. lets see what happens.

DavidTheGamer says:

Wade you have the same chair as me! Also what was that dance? LOL

Gabe Crews says:

Loved the video 🙂

GlossyLucas001 b says:

the dark pesint could be beerus

MultiOpena says:

i know its been a couple days since you did this, but how about putting everything vs. everything.

Dalton Hawblitzel says:

Hey wade do you have a Facebook account

lazylank says:

Dark Peasant vs. Chicken Man Man

Chris Cotton says:

china vs napoleons

Terri Webb says:

do progectile shield VS super boxer

Dave Hogan says:

1 of everything in game v dark peasent

Meadeiocre says:

Battles between two different time periods perhaps?

Bossatron King says:

goku = dark peseant

Absanon says:

Everything v. Everything

Rocksalt Hero says:

Wade, can you just do the theme music for everything from now on? We no longer need a whole orchestra, just you.

Athaniel Ortega says:

3 Hillary vs 10 super peasant’s

AriesDen84 says:

Dark peasant was Dancing the night away with the Super peasants! lol
PS. Behold the power of the dark side!

crazy gamer bro says:

hay why mot try one thousand peasants vs Donald Trump

edz 1066 says:

wade go on pyramid and make pesants walk into the hole at top of pyramid and……..             youl see!!!! like if u agree for wade to do it

CheesyTits says:

Hillary won? Pfft “Accurate battle simulator” my ass

Codename: Wither says:

Who else wants a full on Wade remix of the Qui-Gon vs. Maul song? (the song he ‘sang’ at 10:13)

Radioactive Pineapple says:

“Like a shadow in the pants of a fallen walrus.” Wow Wade 10/10 sneakiness

Hawkeye117 says:

You’ve not played a game properly until you tried to cause it to crash. So, try a huge slaughter of 1000 chicken man man vs 1000 chicken man man.

Anime Gaming says:

If super peasant is goku than dark peasant is vageta

The Order Of Dark Flame/ Dark Flame Ninja Gameing says:

Get it it,s the final countdown

launcher launcher says:

15. dark presents vs 14 Son Goku

Dueling Duelist Drew says:

Yo happily ever after Gaming sent me too

DavidTheGamer says:

Lol I love the star wars units

mtn dew mlg says:

4 Dark peasants vs 100 super peasants

GlossyLucas001 b says:

I love dbz

Tiger-Fuather says:

Win against a Dark Peasant. I don’t care if you go over 20k, just win.

Charlene Jampsa says:

maybe darth sidious vs yoda and ob

SilverSinister says:

Samurai master vs Ninja master

FaDe XxX says:

It would be epic if they added DBZ related troops ahaha

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