The CRAZIEST Vehicle EVER! (Total Tank Simulator Gameplay Part 2)

Total Tank Simulator Gameplay NEW Update Crazy Sherman Crab Tank & Sherman Calliope Rockets! (TTS Demo 4 Gameplay Part 2)

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Total Tank Simulator is back with Demo 4 just having been updated! It added the USA faction with the Sherman Calliope who fires rockets! They’ve also added the German Ratte tank as well as a bunch of other features and the maps are just gorgeous!

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Verity Mobile says:

Have I subscribed to baron? HELL YES I’VE BEEN SUBSCRIBE SINCE LAST YEAR BABEH Actually 3 months 🙁

Jonathan Moore says:

OMG I watched Gary’s video of the update barion u can dig scope in and biuld embankments

MRBrony says:

am i the only one that knows he’s played this 5 days ago!? he said that he hasn’t played it in a while

Lego7863 Plays says:

The map looks like the map from COD 4 Campaign “Death from above”

Apollo Ronsen Sunga says:


Sidney Westcomb says:

slightly loud but it’s good because your vioce is sometimes a little quieter

Craig the Eggg says:

baron did u know that u can control the units

imman1game says:

The should definitely add strategic drawing

3030202020203030037772010010203 123 says:


Hale Bomm says:

the Plural of Maus is Mäuse

Cpt. Shmitt says:

WW2 probably had the most amount of cool experimental weapons and vehicles.


RMB to control a unit i think

sprtn kn1ght says:

Subscribe to my channel plz sprtn kn1ght

Haosheng Xu says:

you can control the tanks with rightclick

pelyphin0 says:

Try hard mode.

Porylithe the meme says:

They should add some P47s in this game so they could fire rockets at the ground targets. It would also make a bit more sense to have those instead of the sbd dauntless as the main bomber

LilWolf 55 says:

What Happened to men of war Mondays?

Ironskulls Gaming says:

Baron y dont u control the sbds?

Samuel says:

Baron use the b-29 bomber

predator Elite says:

I won’t more

zach glenn says:

the Calliope is op.

Zarif Ahmed says:

Baron u should control a vehicle yourself. I think the best idea would be to control artilary or colaipe so they r more accurate at range.

elite beach says:

play more campanhn

Batateiro das Trevas says:

Use some hellcats to get rid of the tanks, some chaffes to distract the tanks, mustangs to hunt all the planes and some artilhery to shell the enemy from above, hope i helped 😀

Kumai Lee says:

Take first person next time

Pascal Dörr says:

you can control units with a right click

FKAL ArduousInk says:

He said at the last video he would show us the nuke. WHY WONT YOU SHOW YOUR VIEWERS WHAT YOU SAID THAT YOU WOULD DO?

Toaster Bagels says:

Use the Air Force

Or just spam calliopes

Joseph Bishop says:

Rocket artillery in the way back 2 fighter airports with aa guns next to them then tons of wolverines behind at guns


how do you get it

Heather Prive says:

They need to add a Sherman fury

David Peabody says:

Crabs v goliaths

Tajwar Morshed says:


Thomas Fejdasz says:

Die Moise spelled it to make it easier to pronounce in english. Hope that helps with the plural of mause

Hussam Alsoufi says:

Plz use the b29, it has a nuke in it

Like so baron can see

Oreo Man says:

FACE CAM !!!!!

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