TABS – Viewer Vs. Viewer Challenges! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

Welcome to back to more TABS Gameplay! In this video of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator I play the role of TheLegend27 and defeat all of the viewer suggested battles in the TABS Sandbox!
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Overview:

A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other. In TABS Sandbox, you take the role of a Battle Commander as you place armies on the battle field. Watch as your minions destroy, or are destroyed by the red enemies!

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Mas Iki says:

I challange you atomic number nine

Ana Muriel says:

Do thirty m16s in the the middle two Hilary’s and in the front 6ninjamasters and two box guns next to ninja masters and use only 7000$

ZacShadowZ says:

Duel me I will use 50 boxers in a line behind 2 catapults and 3 energy swords in front of the catapults

Walter Liew says:

fight my neon army: 50 tesla,chicken man man and box cannon and 5-50 beamers and trumps and hillerys

Debra Poulter says:

I want them to add a multiplayer mode where you can 1v1 real players

Pokemon Lover says:

i challenge you
i have 1 dark peasant, 1 super peasant, and 50 peasants
you have 4000 money
map: sahara
put 3 peasants of mine in the pyramid for the plague

The Diamond Invader says:

Blitz will you play oxenfree or have you played it before on the channel?

jay kerr says:

beat my tesla army:all tesla and 1 mighty Dave

Wolf Clan Nation says:

My army is 1 of every unit!

Max and Jenna Hasan says:

Do 500 Beamers vs the dark peasant and the super present

Cameron Webster says:

try to beat me
3 boxguns 2 samurai masters 5 shields and 11 ballistas

Mas Iki says:

My army is here
50 jedimasters
20 boxgun
30 teslas
10 projectiles shield
20 beamers
Just spread them out

tidey gaming says:


My army:
10 chicken man man
40 musketeers
10 projectile towers
20 bow cannon

Ana Muriel says:

Plz battle me and my army. Also as me put a super boxer

pokedudexxx gaming says:

2 chariots 4 beamers 10 double energy sword men
4 cannons and15 barbarians and the rest peasants and 2 ninja masters the layout is yours

hector Cabrieto says:

Neons are allowed in fact everything is allowed except for Da Vinci Tank cause it is op

Remiix Playz says:

Blitz do all ranged units vs all not ranged units

Mr.Clumsy Almazan says:


JR C says:

I want ten of everything vs two of everything

The Diamond Entertainment says:

Beat my army
Darth Maul =
Double Red lightsaber guy
20 Red neon gunners/pistol men(Stormtroopers)
Obiwan Kenobi and Kanan Jarrus=
Two Single blue lightsaber guys
20 Blue neon gunners/pistol men(Clonetroopers)

Connor Fugate says:

I challenge you with a cival war battle i have 50 muskets spread out 2 artillary your cost limit 10k no neon units

Liam The Great says:

Blitz how did you get the neon update? I don’t have it.

mari nava says:

a peasenet

Stephanie Levinski says:

:3 :]

Mas Iki says:

Forde mclachlan dont you mass with us

giovanni pea says:

beat me if you can. 30 samurai masters 1 super boxer and 1 super peasant

mari nava says:

a peasenet

Terraria Stuff says:

try 2 box guns, 5 antiprojectiles, 4 teslas, 80 energy pistols, 1 jedi, and 1 peasant as a sacrifice (obviously using the Sahara)

hector Cabrieto says:

Challenge me 100 m16s and 10 dark peasants you can use 370K cash

Treva Heil says:

17 catapults 20 spearman 25 double lightsabres

Gaming Tron says:

Man of the Gods singers.<3

giorgi bitsadze barfuttbutt says:

I have the best army
22 gravityguys
1 dark peasent
5 shield on both side
4 super peasent each other side
1 box cannon
11 boxers behind all the guys
2 muskets behind trees 2 chicken mans hiding 1 hwacha
1 chicken man man behind the boxers. 5 farmers
30 headbutters. 21 barbarians. 1 footman each other side. 2 trump and Hillary
2 ninjas in trees 2 lasersword 1 axe man. 6 cannons on the rocks. 4 archers behind an one cannon. 4 tazers on a big rock
2 super boxers on trees. 8 M16. 1 samurai master with the chicken man man
4 spear throwers 1 chariot on the left side 10 thiefs 1 balista on the right side. 11 samurais 2 ninja with trump and Hillary

Shade Master says:

Take on my army. I have 7 samurai masters in the front in a line formation. 5 ninja masters behind them. 20 musket men at the back in a line. With one box cannon and one hwatcha.

Hieu Dang says:

Who is watching this in 2017

Harrison Galloway-Kahn says:


pandeon waters says:

fight my army of 8 projectile shields in front WAY at the back of the map put a chicken man by the prot shields put three samuri masters and same for ninja masters beat me with 2000 dollars i think this would be fun blitz

Kenneth Nguyen says:

I have another army
1 chicken man man

2 dark present

2 Hillary Clintons

2 Donald Trumps

7 super peasants

8 barrel rollers

10 box canons

6 Energy sword masters

20 peasants

And 10 more box canons

20 chicken man man

You can put them anywhere I don’t care

Kenneth Nguyen says:

1 chicken man man at the front. 3 box cannons at the back and 1 dark peasant at the middle. And that is my army

Duc Tran says:

10 thousand? Ok beat my political party
2 Trumps
And 3 hillerys (please correct me)

Zahra Mohammadi says:



Terraria Stuff says:

try an army against 2 dark peasants

jtscira says:

4 light sabers 6 grvitydude 2 dark peasant

Mas Iki says:

Or youwill be wrekc

Ana Muriel says:

This is my army from comment one infront of this one

BOT. TV says:


King says:

20 peasants u can only use 100. Cash

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