TABS – TheLegend27 – Viewers Vs. Blitz! – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

Welcome to back to more TABS Gameplay! In this video of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator I play the role of TheLegend27 and defeat all of the viewer suggested battles in the TABS Sandbox!
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay Overview:

A physics based medieval battle simulator which lets you pit wacky waving armies against each other. In TABS Sandbox, you take the role of a Battle Commander as you place armies on the battle field. Watch as your minions destroy, or are destroyed by the red enemies!

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Tracy Langton says:

Wen it said some thing nosents i me,n pesnt

eryza sorio says:

Beat my super op army 1 dark peasant two super boxers 4 beamers and 5 chicken men men

Vastmaldycoolsans 123 says:


Eric Wilson says:

i challenge you and you get 10.000 cash to defeat my 10 teslas 1 chariot 4 chicken men men and 20 beamers

domantas ramuckis says:

Do 20 chicken man man, vs 100 m16 15 hatchets and 5 box cannons mby ?

Ram Rio Roxas says:

100 muskets vs 100 beamers

Axl Perez-Flores says:

tbh how can thelegend27 be a legend if it can’t meet up to the challenge expectations?

james Landa says:

I challenge you with 3 light saber masters in the front 30 speer throwers behind 1 M16 on each side and 8 ballistas in the back and you can use 10,000,000 money

Pedro Perez says:

How do i get the neon i already have signed up for alpha

Jennifer Wheeler says:

Blitz, plz Defeat an army of: 2m16 guys, 50 peasants 1 barrel roller 1 Box gun 3 teslas and 2 ballistas on a budget of 5,000

Pander man says:

Do one dark peasant vs 10 super peasants on the neon map

Mas Iki says:

Beat it with 10000

cole wygans says:

What are you guys playing? I’m supposed to be playing TABS but this one unit keeps kicking my ass. Is it ThePeasant27? Yeah, ThePeasant27. Who is ThePeasant27?
Some say ThePeasant27 is the first TABS unit ever. Born from chickens. I heard, ThePeasant27 can throw ninja stars faster than a ninja master. I heard ThePeasant27 once defeated an entire army of boxers with a single blow. But the worst part is, just when you think you’re safe, just when you think you might escape… WHAM!!! Just like that!

TheLegend27 says:

I am TheLegend27

Abod Darras says:

beat my arm with a dark pesence and I will have 25 dark pesence in Ten Donald Trump and you have 10K money

Anonymous 6 says:

Artillery battle: I have 6 super peasants. You have 6,000 and can only use ranged

Illuminati comes to take you says:

an accurate representation of salty people vs hate comments

Jack Cronin says:

you cheated

Lazer Gamer says:

are you accepting custom battle requests? if you are, 10 dark peasants mirrored

X pro says:

1 dark pesant 2 trups

Debbie Fountain says:

I. have. 19. boxers and. 79. black holes

HerobrinesGuardian says:

Beat my army of four of every crusader and three samurai masters and three ninja masters

Nicholas Salchert says:

Hey guys

HerobrinesGuardian says:

Under 2000 cash

casstasstrohe says:

just take a super op thing and kill it by spend as much money as you can before its lags

Hayden Stride says:

can you defeat the great Wall of cannons and Dave’s blitz

gamer cod5 says:

how do you get the box canon cause i dont have it

reggie savage says:

Let me get 590 likes

Donovan Lucero says:

I think you should try to beat this. 2 energy sword masters, 4 energy swords, 16 beamers, and 2 box cannons. By the way you can use whatever you want it just has to be under 25,000 money.
.. (2 energy sword masters)
….(4 energy swords)
…………….(16 beamers)
..(2 box cannons)

Jonahtan Skånberg says:

1000 chicken man man you hav 5000 coins

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