TABS NEW Viking ICE Archers! (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay – TABS 2.0 Preview)

TABS 2.0 New Update Viking Ice Archers & Sandbox Custom Battles (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sandbox Part 5)
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About Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS):
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a wacky physics-based tactics game. Experience accurate warfare through the ages. From medieval peasants to modern-day weaponry, TABS uses state of the art physics-based simulation to provide you with never-before-seen insight to our greatest battles of history.

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Eren Jaegar says:

so my unit suggestion based on arrow/archery:Neon Bowmen,British Longbowmen,fire arrow archers,and bow samurai.

Caleb Wang says:

Baron I’m not happy I left a suggestion last week and all the ones near mine got picked so could u pls pls pick this one? Guys pls vote for me it would make my day.


1 Samurai master as Genghis Khan (cuz why not)
2 chariots as cavalry
40 samurai as dismounted cavalry
15 archers as crossbows
1 catapult as viking war catapult

25 vikings as guys using their boards as shields
10 barbarians as guys who picked up sticks
10 spear throwers as guys throwing sharp sticks
20 velociraptors as drunks XD

If the mongols hoard the boards, give the vikings more drunks XD
If the vikings protect the boards, add chariots

Amanda Miller says:

if there were fire arrows

picklepoop poop says:

arrows that explodes poison gas

Elijah Hamill says:

Battle of stalingrad
Soviet Union red:
15 m16s machine gunners
30 muskets infantry
20 cannons soviet tanks
20 peasants civilians who are forced to stay in the city
1 super boxer STALIN
German Reich blue:
10 m16s machine gunners
20 muskets infantry
10 cannons NAZI tanks
10 peasants NAZIS that lost thier weapons
1 super boxer Hitler

The Sword of Olympia says:

I want to game to add Romans

Andrew Maloney says:

they should add a mortar to the army faction and maybe even a dragon cause they have a mammoth and also warthogs (not from halo) that just charge in and charge through every thing. the warthogs would be 20 credits and the dragon would be 10000 and the mortar would be 300

Jose Ugarte says:

1 m16 vs one peasen for each unit you have wanted.

Fred- EternalChaos says:

French community? Are you here?

Cole Beaton says:

I think there should be a faction for each element aka ice fire earth water and wind

TheGREATwalrus says:

Batman tried kryptonite bullets..

Pimme Axelsson says:

BaronVonLetsPlay please make land fall games make valkyrie for the vikings and fire breathing man for medival !!!!!! and thor!

Eric Zak says:

Mustard Gas Arrows.

BaronVonLetsPlay says:

TABS hype! Alright guys…what kind of arrow units would you add to TABS? I think that fire archers for medieval would be cool, and a crossbow guy that has like ancient grenade like explosives tied to a crossbow bolt for the Renaissance would be cool. What about you? What game should I play next?

Ballet Boy says:

Zombie Invasion! Battle Suggestion

On red team (zombie team)

40 peasants (normal zombie)

5 samurai (smart zombie)

5 barbarians (smart zombie)

5 swordmen (smart zombie)

5 farmers (smart zombie)

5 spearmen (smart zombie)

10 laser pistols (feature zombie)


On blue team (human team)

1 chariot (horse rider)

11 ninja (as the people that say “sorry!” a lot. Because they always shoot their teammates)

4 M16 (spec ops units)

1 beamer (sniper)

13 shield men (swat team)

5 musket men (police)

5 thieves (bystanders. Please put them as far to the right as possible)

Map Scotland

general kitten says:

i would lovr if they shot volleys insted of concentrated fire

rommellesoriano says:

Barons can you say to the landfall to add a special skills

Mr Hitman says:

Poison arrows that Change teams

USER sr says:


Colton Easter says:


Bacon Ace says:

The battle of Calahorn(Sword of Shannara)

Blue(Callahorn Defenders)
1 Thief(Flick Ohmsford)
1 Samurai Master(Menion Leah)
2 Musketmen(Durin and Dayel Elessidel)
1 Bearman(King Balinor)
1 Bearman(Hendel)
1 Chariot(Eventine Elessidels Party)
15 Shields(Wall)
1 Farmer(Shirl Ravenlock)
20 Archers(Callahorn Archers)
20 Footmen(Callahorn Soldiers)
5 Samurai(Veteran Callahorn Soldiers)
2 Ninja Masters(Callahorn Commanders)
(If Lose, add 1 Energy Sword Master as Shea returning)

Red(Warlock Lord Armies)
2 Projectile Towers(Siege Towers)
1 Superboxer(Skull Bearer)
60 Thieves, 20 Barbarians, 10 Farmers(Goblin Warriors)
10 Bearmen(Rock Trolls)
10 Archers(Goblin Skirmishers)
1 Chariot(Goblin Calvary)
(If Lose, add 10 more farmers as goblin reinforcements)

The Blessed Caesar Games says:

Fire Arrows yes please

Sherif Mohamed says:

lol XD pourquoi le fromage !?

Elijah Alston says:

poison arrows for the Aztec faction

GhoppaxD YT says:

red team is the vikings vs blue team the Jedis

red team:
20 spear throwers(spread out)
7 viking leader as (bear men)
20 Vikings (around the bear men)
10 head butters(in front line)

blue team:
3 laser rifles (in far back)
2 sword masters as (dark vader & luke)
15 paladans (energy swordsmen)
2 gravity guys (the force)

Travis Joynes says:

Explosive poison and electric arrows

Michael Xiong says:

Love your vids! It always keeps me entertained.

Aplex27 says:

There should be a marksman unit that has the best range and you can put the a the back as they have arching shots that will fly over the allies
And the dark marksman will spawn blue or red clones to shot with him than disappear
Or the arrows are like a neon box where it’s like a mini black hole for a second or two

BurGao Fake says:

OP archer when the arrow hits the enemy it explodes and the fragments go flying and hitting other enemys

sorry for the english im braziliam

Anonymous phenom says:

warhamer update please!!!!!! make it happen!!

happykid1131 says:

i got an ad for teen titans go and it was just a weird dance routine and green guy goin wes got nos ideas what yous doin

Joseph Jaworski-Moiles says:

Electric arrows. Little damage but freezes the target completely for a short amount of time.

the gamer says:

the Arrow swarm is attached to the top of the bow then when they hit this Mark the explodes with arrows 10 – 15

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