TABS NEW Tae Kwon Do 2.0 Gameplay! Star Wars Battles! (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sandbox)

TABS New Update Gameplay – TABS 2.0 Tae Kwon Do & Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sandbox Part 3)
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Freddy Plush Movies says:

1 super boxer in front
40 boxer’s in back vs
2 samurai masters in front
40 samurai in back

PixelPower 101 says:

Rogue OneBlue: Rebelslaser pistol:Jinn Erso2 Beamers:Chirrut, CassianTesla:BazeBodi:Peasent Red: Empire energyswordmaster: Vader energypistol:Orson krennic 30 energy pistol: stormtroopers dark peasent:Death STar

Rayshawn Oliver says:


Van Allen says:

that beamer killed 2 chicken men in 1 shot

Jodi Orso says:

hay baron can you do 12 steves and 25 swordsman

Bob Maidens says:

at-st would be cool

Kevin Szklarzewski says:

Do a Battlefront 2 battle
Blue3 lazer pistols as clone officers1 energy sword as ray2 beamers as a specialists10 muskets as assult2 m16 as heavy’s1 chariot as a AT-RT1 ninja master as han solo with rapid fire 4 head butters as jump troopers that had their guns taken away by darth mauls force
Red 3 lazer pistols as droid officers 1 energy sword master as darth maul 1 barrel roller as a thermal detinator 1 beamer as a droid specialist2 m16s as droid heavy’s 3 spear throwers as boba fetts rockets 2 cannons as the droid tanks10 muskets as droid assult1 projectile stoping tower as a MTT3 Boxers as B2 battle droids out of ammo
If blue loses add 10 more assult or 2 more heavys
If red loses change han solo to a regular ninja or take away the AT-RT or remove 1 beamer

Josh Hearn says:

the battle of helgen (pixelated apollos campaign in md2 total war elder scrolls mod)

blue team the storm cloaks (apollos side)

galmar stonefist as a bearman
heavy Nordic swords men as 15 knights
nordic spears as 10 pikes
thanes as 5 bearmen
town guard as 10 archers
5 muskets as heavy nordic archers
2 Ballistas as the ballista towers 10 shields as the walls of helgen
5 headbutters as good ol nordic glee

red team the empire (kill those milk drinking babys long live talos)
1 samurai master as the genaral
15 samurais as the genarels bodyguard
10 bear men as the blades
15 pikes as well pike you moron
10 thieves as light legionnaires
20 knights as heavy legionnnaires
10 blaster pistols as battle mages
2 beamers as elite mages
2 chariots as empire cav
10 samurais as high elv solders
2 beamers as high elv mages
(cut down the numbers if to many units run this but i want the empire to win since that who won)
please up vote so baron can see 1:13 in the morning and i have work in the morning but screw smart time manegment i want to make a dang battle lol love the vids lad keep it up a loyal member of the bregade signing off (falls asleep……..

SomeRandomPigeon Named bill says:

omg! I go to Tae Kwon Do and I’m a green belt!

Armando Becerril says:

call of duty WWII

Alicia Felix says:


Chief Beef says:

Rocky: 2 super boxers fighting or a box cannon versus a super boxer

Joshua Blanchette says:

a chicken man only battle 100 each

john capri says:

the cubes should be the monkeys

Flowey the Flower says:

Starwars : Operation Knightfall

BLUE : New Empire

– 1 laser sword/laser sword master as Anakin
– 3 ninja master as clone assassin
– 3 ninja master as clone commander
– 8 archer as clone lieutnant
– 9 canon as clones bazooka
– 9 axemen as clones recon walker
– 9 tesla coil as anti sith/jedi clones
– 9 spearthrower as specialized clones
– 20 musket as ARC troopers
– 20 laser pistol as clone trooper
– 20 ninja as clones marines
– 20 spear as ARF troopers
– 20 viking as anti riot clones

RED : the ashes of the Republic/the Jedi

– 1 samurai master as master Jocasta Nu
– 2 super boxer as “High jedi master”
– 2 twin lightsaber as “jedi guardian chief”
– 10 laser sword master as “jedi masters”
– 10 laser sword as” jedi fighter”
– 10 samurai as “jedi guardian”
– 10 spearthrower as jedis who throw their lightsabers (“jedi sniper”)
– 10 axemen as “brutes jedis”
– 10 viking as “jedi challengers”
– 10 clubmen as “jedi padawan”
– 10 farmer as “jedi padawan”
– 4 musket as clones traitors who disobey order 66

Shock vipe says:


Brett Howes says:


Bendy The Little Devil Darlin says:

the ultimate boxing match

red:1 super boxer 20 boxers 2 box guns

same for blue team. but they have one peasant

BaronVonLetsPlay says:

Baron’s Brigade….how are you guys! Things are absolutely nuts over here. I’m at E3 and trying to get all the cool games to show off to you guys. What game are you most hyped for at E3?
I’ve been playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 over on the other channel. Let me know your custom battle ideas for the next TABS video 😀

H Raps says:

P p p p p p p p p p p p p p p vs 2 lg

enderslayer202 says:

super pesant as goku and super boxer as frieza (super boxer cant fly like frieza but hes weaker than goku anyway)

APArts says:

(5:24 Under the chicken man man) Great, now i know why i am su dumb, i fell to the ground when i was born

주희연 says:

Tae kwon do is not a ninja thing. it’s from korean’s like hwacha

McFurtleTog says:

I would put clones or palpatine in tabs

Scott Gleeson says:


engilish (blue)
30 muskets (engilish soliders)
5 cannoncrews (TANKS)
40 samori (baonet )
German (red)
25 samori (baonet)
1 trump (hitler)

nidhi tripathi says:

Make more videos of rise of insdustry

Rat BanditSt3 says:

Ok I wish I will learn that kick I’m still just green belt in taekwondo
god I’m jealous with that kick

Sax3r28 says:

So you’re… shitting us? lmao

Impratical Famous says:

Droid heavy , Droid with bazooka, Droid scout, Droid with one or two pistols, Droid soldier, with a original Droid gun. And Droid jumper, Droid with the original Droid gun but with a jetpack, Droid sniper, Droid with a sniper, and lastly Droid assault specialist, Droid with a machine gun.

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