TABS NEW Super BEAR MAN Best Unit? (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay, Update)

TABS NEW Axe Man! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Vikings New Update Physics 2.0 (TABS Sandbox Gameplay)
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Antare S says:

17.03 It was physics

Austin Wingo says:

They should add Wolfves

tahi laci says:

I don’t like the “helicopter hands”. It’s too unrealistic.

Mr. Hedgehog says:

It would be cool if you could just move units instead of replacing them going back into the turquoise resort units and I’m putting that down

satanist reptilian atheist jew says:

I wold like some dinosaurs and aliens

The Bandit boy says:

oh they have no sheilds

The Bandit boy says:

blue 20 spears from greek faction as Anthens V 1 minatour as Hades

BaronVonLetsPlay says:

So do you like the new Axe Bear Man with two spinning axes, or the old bear man with one swinging axe better? Vote here:
Happy Thursday Brigade! So I had one of my computers (not the new one thank goodness) shut off and not turn on again. Going to be taking it into the shop to see what’s the matter…probably the CPU or power supply.

Resean Washington says:

Wow I think this will be the biggest update TABS will have

Anderson Wan says:

They should name the double axe man “oberjarl”

the user12 says:

I like him a lot. but I whould like some blood animations too

deez nuts says:

I know it’ll never happen
why would I get my hopes up

Connor Chenoweth says:

40 strews men  2 minter men

Osc_2158 HTS says:

Do a tournament between every unit plz

Aloha Mahalo says:

Or the battle of the masters 100 footmen vs 1ninja master 1 Jedi master 1 samurai master 10 cannons 20 foot men and archers and
2 bearmen

Deathwish's Wish says:

The Anti-Velociraptor, is the Dark Peasant.

Michael Adams says:

its not gonna be updated. the next “update” will be the release.

Aloha Mahalo says:

Clash of titans
Red.5 peasants 30footmen 10 archers and 10 canons
Blue.5barberians 30 peasants 10 poachers and 10 cannons

The Bandit boy says:

I would like to see 15 of those guys with helmets and spears with a sheild (spartans?) with 5 of those axemen on thier team fight 30 archers…

Kokly says:

DEUS VULT: crusaders: 40 swordsman as crusaders vs saladin’s army: 12 archers as archers and 20 vikings as infantry.

TheKingOfTigers InAllOfTheEarth says:

No one beats Chuck Norris. No one.

william chuck says:

is it just me or in the beginning it looked like there was some Shield bashing at 2:09 the blue guy tried 2 times then died

Otto Pike says:

well of course Chuck would win…

Henry Terhune says:

Just to point out, I think the “Bear Man” is supposed to be a “Berserker.” This is because the title of Berserker is actually thought to have been given to a lord’s champion in his retinue. The badge of office was a shirt made of bear skin, hence the term Berserker, which literally translates to “Bear Shirter” or “Man of Bear Shirt.”

Linda Mello says:

Battle of norwayblue…20 viking and 10 headbuters as…20 nights 1 chareit as a hourse

The Great n0oB says:

thanks for making retarded clickbait ,you fucking ass

Michael AndXter says:

donald trump won taekwondoe, not chuck norris

Ty Stevens says:

this looks cool but when will you go back to total tank simulator

Seel FTW says:

The battle of San Francisco
(Watch Dogs 2)
Neon or Grass map

1 tesla as marcus
1 beamer as wrench
1 rojectile tower as josh
1 barrel roller as sirita
40 laser pistols as hackers
20 vikings as drones
30 thieves as jumpers
1 chariot as cyberdriver
15 headbutters as hacked security bots
1 bearman as spiderbot

60 footmen as security guards
30 headbutters as security bots
50 laser pistols as police
5 projectile shields as firewalls
30 vikings as Prime_Eight
40 shields as riot police
(P.S. if either side gets owned, just add muskets as shotguns)

Rubby Lee says:

When is it coming out

Tobias Powell says:

13:49 oh! you hurt me,you hurt me. believer

Tigerandgunnerproductions :D says:

y r they called velociraptors

brachio067 Royter says:

it was an aileron not a barell roll

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