TABS NEW Stone Age CAVEMEN! Dinosaurs? – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sandbox Gameplay

Let’s Play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – TABS add Cavemen! Axe Master & Dinosaurs Being Added to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is going Modern Warfare! TABS WW1 and TABS WW2 factions were announced and now the Modern Faction has been announced with the introduction of the M1 Abrams main battle tank. What next!?

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Ethel Atkins says:

the journey to neon part 1. map-scotland. red-good guys. ninja master-genarl at the back. 10 energy swords-soilders. 6 teslas-wizards. 16 headbutters-abmushers half on left half on right. 13 beamers-spipers in trees blue-bad guys. Chariot-tank. 2 samurai Master-captains 4 axe man-giants 18 vikings-abushers half on left half on right chicken man-genarl. 12 archers-king,s men. 3 at front 3 3 on left 3 at the back 3 on right

TheBossBros73 says:

For honour

Hakamo-o Plays says:

Pls do this

Super army vs lazer army

Super army
5 super boxers
2 super peasants

Lazer army:

20 light sabers
10 lazer canons

xXBanana KingXx says:

I’m pretty sure there weren’t dinosaurs during the stone age but it would be cool to add them

shahina hoque says:

Aliens in neon

Gerald Zirnstein says:

Um a penis

Djordje Savic says:

Baron humans didn’t exist when dinosaurs lived

shahina hoque says:

Ice age apes

gaming boy15 says:

did anyone else notice that baron said tails instead of tabs.

Brittney Eads says:

I wonder if they will add berserkers for the vikings

Tubby Duck says:

it would be funny if you had a forresty map with cabins with an easter egg Jason Voorhees which is unkillable like the locusts.

the real stickwart jameson says:

Add a primitive bowman so he does less damage but he shoots a but faster and also jumps around

Carolina Russell says:

yes they listen to me

the real stickwart jameson says:


Anthony Bozue says:

what about 100 Tesla’s and 10 Tesla tanks

jacob peters says:

atlatl spear thrower for stone age faction?

suddenly thatenderman says:

a battle for baron with a story: a unknown force is attacking Denmark destroying village after village as the three cheftens scramble there forces to defend from the assault of the Asia empires will the chefs be able to protect Denmark or will the Asia empire take over….
(red team the Asia empire)
50 samurai as there ground forces
20 ninjas as well ninjas
10 archer as Asia archers
and the three general 2 samurai masters and one ninja master

(blue the Denmarkis)
20 farmer a the villager dallying force
and in three groups 1 axeman a one of the three chefs
30 vikings in this fromation 10 wide and 3 deep
and nexted to the chef 2 spear men as there guards
now back to no grouping
and then 10 spear throws as some random hunter
and there secret weapon a catapult

Christine Gonzales says:

30 vs30 difit

Omega 3,3 says:

An acid barrel how about that

Leo Dempsey says:

Dinosaur faction like with raptors

annemarie mccullough says:


mike nires says:

ghost busters

Darko Branković says:

100 light saber masters vs 100 samuraj masters

Jellos Del Pellos says:

I dont like this way of combatt thats just not tabs anymore

Angad Singh says:

my suggestion flash vs zoom flash: 100 red teslas zoom (archnemesis in season 2) 100 blue teslas

Deathly Wraith says:

Here’s a few new ideas for new units and factions!

First, 3 new units for the Asia Faction

-Pretty fast
-Moderate health
When engaged, similarly to the Gravity Backpack, he flails his nunchuck arm in random directions in front of enemy.

Nunchuck Master:
-Has 2 nunchucks
-High health
-He spins nunchucks like Energy Sword Master

Remember the “Slender Man” unit we saw? The one that flailed it’s legs around? It should actually be called the Super Taekwondo and be reskinned with the helmet.

Now, the Modern Faction

-Same old M16, with a military hat.

-Same range as Beamer
-Shoots extremely powerful bullets with a lot of damage and knock back.
-Low health
-Wears gillie suit mask
-Costs 700

-Remodeled Energy Pistol guy that shoots bullets.
-Costs 50

Tank that does tanky stuff

Heavy Gunner:
-Basically a stationary M16 that has a machine gun with a bipod holding it to the ground that does more damage than a M16 and has Canons range, a lot of health, and high damage.
-Costs 3,000

-Insert Heavy from TF2 phrases
-Has a dark Red or Blue (corresponds with team) bandanna on head
-Has ammo belt around from waist to shoulder
-EXTREME damage
-0.02 sec fire rate
-Costs 10,000
-As big as Axe Man
-2 Should be able to beat a Dark Peasant.

Legends Faction (inspired by a different commenter)

New night and day option that you select in sandbox.
Night time campaign levels.

-Normal peasant at day
-At night, flies (but keeps close to the ground, unlike Super Peasant)
– 200 Health (not to high health, or else it wouldn’t need to heal)
-Latches on to targets and sucks life from them, taking health from them, and getting health back
-Costs 700

-At day, starts as peasant when the peasant “dies”, becomes werewolf
-If at night, starts as Werewolf and is buffed with 300 more health and does 50 more damage
-Has 5,000 health (Yes, 5,000)
-Moderate speed
-INTENSE melee damage, like enough to 1-shot most units (including some artillery)
-Howl Summon move, where any other Werewolves on it’s team instantly transform
-Costs 4,000

-Turns killed enemies into zombies
-Has same health as peasant, but high damage.
– (Best used in swarms)
-Costs 40

Big Foot:
-As big as Axe Man, hairy
-Basically, a huge boxer
-2,000 Health
-High melee damage
-Costs 3,000

-High speed
-High melee damage
-Moderate health
-Costs 90

-Um, a dragon
-Frost breath, INSANE amount of damage
-Flies, duh
-100,000 Health (Yes, same as Dark Peasant)
-Should be able to beat a Dark Peasant easily
-Costs 25,000

Finally, the Animal Faction:

-Same as the ones the Chicken Man makes
-Costs 10, because moderate damage

-Moderate damage
-High speed
-200 Health
-Costs 100

-Moderate speed
-High Damage
-350 Health
Costs 200

-Same as Wolf, just 700 health
-Costs same as Axe Man (400) because Axe man has a bear on his head.

-1,000 Health
-Moderate damage
-Costs 700

-1,500 Health
-High damage
-2 sec attack speed
-Makes “chomp” sound when it attacks
-Costs 1,000

Saltwater Crocodile:
-HUGE (because it’s way bigger than a normal crocodile)
-INSANE damage
-3,000 health
-1 sec attack speed
-Costs 2,000

Oryon Culver says:

no stop plz

mike nires says:

4 tesla and 20 super peasants

Franchesca Teng says:

giant sloth

HS H sky says:

can uou do 1 vs 1 please?

BaronVonLetsPlay says:

Baron’s Brigade….they’re adding a Stone Age faction!? Cavemen…woolly mammoths? Sabertooth tigers? DINOSAURS!? ALIENS!??!??!?!?!

slithersnake361 says:

baron do a world war z battle of jerusalem
on egypt map
60 boxers (zombies)
20 peasants (crawlers)
2 super boxers (strong zombies)
5 trumps (walls)
10 beam rifles (soldiers)
2 hillary’s (machine guns)
10 peasants (civilians)

Eden H. says:

who wants animals

Franchesca Teng says:

gisnt sloth

The Legend27 says:

is it possible for regular players to get acces to the dev-version? (the unity one you’re using)

annemarie mccullough says:

battle of the titans. Chicken man man as a titan,89 footmen as tiny servants and 2 catapults as titan dogs. Other team is up to you baron.

christina arceno says:

stone age animals: ancient horses bison from america short faced bear cave beat brown bear dire wolf smildon/saber tooth cat mastadon mammoth both are different animals terror bird killer pig hyenadon megalania another creature from another contient i beg i spelled it wrong ancient wolfs andrewsarus

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