TABS NEW Flying Units – Flight of the Valkyries! (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay)

TABS New Valkyries Flying Vikings For TABS 2.0 (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sandbox Part 8 – TABS new Update preview)
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About Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS):
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a wacky physics-based tactics game. Experience accurate warfare through the ages. From medieval peasants to modern-day weaponry, TABS uses state of the art physics-based simulation to provide you with never-before-seen insight to our greatest battles of history.

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jahlil mullins says:

it would be cool if they had a secondary attack where they pick up small enemies and drop them.

Calypso Valdez says:

Imagine these with first person mode.

ej_marcus_soccer says:

look at the new spears

Khroniclas Epicus says:

taco, pizza, or burger? pizza of course! ez pz lemon squeasy

Skippers De Penguin says:

How about they stop adding stuff to the game and just update it.

ZZekedia 222 says:

Do the Battle of Stalingrad
Map: Japan(becuase of trees

Russian Forces/Red: 20 muskets as riflemen, 12 laser pistols as civilians with revolvers, 2 cannons as artillary, 13 thieves as civilians with hunting knives, a beamer placed in a tree as a sniper, 8 farmers as well… farmers, and a ballista as a tank

Nazi forces/blue: 40 muskets as riflemen, 4 chariots as halftracks (because i couldnt find something better), 20 laser pistols as riflemen who ran out of rifle ammo, 6 cannons as a full artillary battery.
and because this battle is wildly unbalanced, add more troops to the nazis

Toast 007 says:

landfall should add a unit that is like a big shield/vehicle that has troops under or behind it and when the shield thing gets destroyed the troops start fighting. It would be a little bit like a battle ram and would lead the charge

Caden Smith says:


Tomfik2005 CZ says:

song on start ?

mohamed belg says:

hey baron what if land falls make helecopters or ariplanes that would be awsome but i am wondering can they make like a air strike in tabs i dont think so

Lord Knight says:

Now what would be cool is a Valkyrie that’s rids on a Huge ass horse, like they should

Noel Williams says:

I’ve been asking for bat people but there the same thing

AYYY__Gaming YT says:


Alexander The Neko says:

So? is this game going to be released for forever be testing units and bring hype up further til it drops dead?

The Cringy Sage says:

please add a dragon ball character

Noah Woot says:

i love how the valkyries rush in

Wasp Raid says:

I think they should add a underwater map and then start adding underwater characters. Like if you agree!

beastman Legoin says:


Khroniclas Epicus says:

but the super peasant and dark peasant fly too…. you are fake news baron! this isn’t the first flying unit!

ej_marcus_soccer says:

they need to add boulder throwers and fire barrel throwers they shou both be a little bigger then regular people

Paden Kids says:

pizza no questions

Rogue says:

I’m certain plenty of people have already told you, but Valkyries were Chosen warriors assigned to bring the souls of warriors who died in battle to Valhalla. Where they were getting ready for a final battle, Ragnarok.

Rogue Shadow222 says:


User1KaLLiton3 Abella says:

Landfall should add Helicopters to the modern/military faction!

PigmypuffArmy says:

Valkyries would choose which warriors that would go to war in Valhalla. And also served the gods with meat and drinks. And yes I am from Sweden and we learn this in school.

dawn Garbett says:


Papa Danku says:

Medusa would be amazing when she sees an enemy she can turn them into stone !! And have super strength and snakes for hair, make it happen !

Nawzad Mahmood says:

Baron please see this

My battle of da thives

Red team
66 thives and master the axe man


The blue team

The spys

1 laser shooter as James Bond
3 musket man as helpers
33 peasents as football players
Barcelona. Real Madrid. And Manchester United.

watoncolony 2222 says:

maybe Landfall could let you customize the troops like body armour and helmets or swords

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