TABS NEW CAMPAIGN Gameplay! (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator New Update Campaign Gameplay Part 1)

TABS New Update Campaign Gameplay Exclusive. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator’s New Campaign Preview (TABS Update Part 1)
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About Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS):
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a wacky physics-based tactics game. Experience accurate warfare through the ages. From medieval peasants to modern-day weaponry, TABS uses state of the art physics-based simulation to provide you with never-before-seen insight to our greatest battles of history.

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Julle setä says:

campaign is best

Maher Barakat says:


Zivadog152 says:

Zombieeeeeesssssss vs people
Red zombies

45 peasants zombies duh
13 headbutters why 13 because why not?
2 giant ax peeps
1 giant chicken pooper peeps
14 footmen because poke poke poke poke

Blue humans

35 footmen
14 Vikings
13 velociraptors (if your not a Awsome baron headbutters)
22 Jedi one light Saber peeps
3 Jedi two light Saber peeps

Stickmen Animator says:

Thank you landfall, and baron!

Mcw King says:

Baron a YouTuber called starsnipe stole your content and is claiming it as his own

Cam The Golden Phoenix says:

Get one every level

TheMagnificentBearGuy says:

I really want Landfall to add Percy Jackson becuz I just started reading it lately. I really want to see water attacks. Plz landfall

fishyman 908 says:

the us army will use this game to plan out their strategy against the enemies

Hemendra Ravi says:

Is this game free and is it released

TheCoolParnell says:

I really hate games that lock away features until you do the campaign. I would like to use riflemen and your telling me that I need to wast 30+ hours just to unlock them? That’s not cool.

GAR Closings says:

he didnt use the campaign he just acted

Harry Kim says:

It would be cool if there were a mechanical walker unit. Maybe in Neon? Or Modern?

balázs brresztyenszky says:

PLZ Do Dark Peasant VS Mamooth

Roel vet says:

specs of the new beast?

JCool Minecraft Gameplay says:

I love this game so far! I love how the campaign works. My suggestion is that whenever you beat two levels (in the farmer age and later in the campaign) you are able to choose between 2 units. You pick a unit and you have that unit. at the end of the time period you get access to the rest of the units for that world.

Night Saviour says:

*His skull is thicker than the shield*

Arkan Dread Marvin says:

How to download it

Jack Hammond says:

bring this game to console

Christian Barthel says:

What the last faction?

Jorge Francisco says:

how can we download that uptate?:(

Joey Weaver says:

watched this game and thought it was another game made and then forgotten about. that thought has now been thrown out! long live TABS

Detective Garry says:

why are the clubman not in the stoneage, and if there arnet in the stoneage, what faction will they be in?

Jorge Francisco says:

or uptater

Zivadog152 says:

I want it to be defeat a faction get all of their units

Angry Troutfish says:

I would like it if it was you unlock a unit every level

Bobbie Zeigler says:

Yes thank you landfall u did what I want awesome e!

ターンマイヤープレストン says:

so is he doing a voice over?

Oliver Van says:

do rogue one

Mary Daniel says:


Acute Gryphon says:

8:05 starts to talk like a pirate 😀

Poisoned BananaBread says:

that mage was the new fidget spinner

Tyzer Gaming says:


King of Discord says:

Invasion of Normandy! COD WW2 hype!
Map: Denmark
20 musketeers (soldiers) in the back
20 spearmen (bayonet) in the front
3 m16s (heavy gunners) near back
20 energy pistols (recruits) near front
10 cannons (tanks) middle
10 footmen (officers) middle
1 Tesla (that one pyro) anywhere
1 hwacha (air support) anywhere

Nazis (Red)
25 musketeers (soldiers) in the back
5 ballistas (anti tank rounds) near back
4 m16s (gun platforms) middle
1 samurai master (officer) middle
15 energy pistols (recruits) middle
30 thieves (recruits) front
2 barrel rollers (bombs) front
1 catapult (mortar) back

Fancy Octopus says:

the map is too ”colorless” imo

Beppe Nilsson says:


jklekotka says:


BallsOfGod1 says:

This is totally wicked

Jigsaw101 Halfmage says:

One question

Is tabs gonna be on console?

Taavi Herzog says:

where do I go to download the latest version of TABS?

Master Panda says:

Why the mamoth is on a hot place???

loki man mazin says:

please make more I♥️ tabs

Jimmy Walker says:


Nik Steffen says:

How about this battle: the Battle for Geonosis.

The Republic:
3 barrel rollers as artillery blasts
40 laser pistols as clone troopers with one inside a shield formation as a commander
8 shields as a small mobile outpost where the commander is
5 lightsabers as Jedi knights
2 lightsaber masters as Obi-wan and Snaking
2 projectile shields as artillery vehicles
1 beamer as a clone sniper
1 m16 as that one amazing clone that gets no credit

The Separatists:
25 laser pistols as droids
1 m16 as a spider droid’s bottom gun
1 beamer as the top gun (keep those 2 units close together to act like the entire droid)
1 lightsaber master as Dooku
15 muskets as Geonosian reinforcements
2 chicken men as Droid factories
1 peasant as Nute Gunray

Make this on the desert. Put Dooku in the back and Obi-Wan and Anakin on the sides to see if they actually battle. If something weird happens and the clones lose, put another saber master in as Yoda or Mace Windu. Also, if you want to see Gunray get rekt, put him at the front

Lucario 5982 says:

Do ww3
donald trump blue
donald trump as himself
2 m16s beside him as body guards
25 peaseents and 25 farmers and 25 barbarions peasents and farmers as angry people and barberions as junk people that dont know whats going on and what there doing
10 muskets as Australian help
3 canons as nukes

coren red
3 cannons as nukes
1 projectile shield as a big shield
1 m16 as coren president
8 spear throwers because why 4 on each side

do on saharah

Joao Augusto Mury says:

How do I get the full version of TABS for mac

Delta Chewy says:

do my army vs yours mine is 25 chicken men and one chicken man man whith two Bear men then yours

Jake C says:

The graphics are so pretty

Fizzco YT says:


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