TABS Most OP Unit & NEW BAYONETS – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Most OP Unit and NEW Bayonet Man in TABS – TABS Campaign Challenge, Jedi Lightsabers Only!
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is working on Unit Formations. The Roman Testudo is a great formation to avoid incoming arrow fire. The new TABS formations and units are certainly going to be a lot of fun to test out.

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Jake Zmrzli says:

what was the song?

The Gaming Elephants says:

Landfall please make a world war 1 faction! With gas, attillery who can shoot farther, men who have pipe-bolt action rifles aka faster reloading musket men, tanks, people who can revive others, trench maps, etc. Everyone who likes this post please like to support my suggestion.

Hurricane Hinerman says:

Landfall should make a rope dart unit like scorpions spear and a katana to its side

Suk Gurung says:

just like my …!

Darth Arrow says:

really they were sith

Natasha D says:

Baron the red light Sabres are sith

The Slice Of Ham says:

Back to the days of mount and blade

michal plays says:

I lov u

Commando 5627 says:

whenif they fix double spawn,it should be it’s own unit! You can choose which unit doublespawns, and it doubles the price xD

BaronVonLetsPlay says:

General Chicken Man Man: “Baron, we are out of musket balls and the Neon men are charging.”
BaronVonGeneral: “Well then sir, we will give them the bayonet!”

Michael Gimeno says:

You can hear Barons real voice saying ”’Oh my god Oh my god”’

mark mclarnon says:

i like the game just formations and taking units from pop culture and films

Nurul Alam says:

what is the music at first when the muskets are bayonet charging.?

Roill evans says:

we want to see some miniguns

mark mclarnon says:

tabs is becoming warhammer 40k table top

Miles Roberts says:

50 samuri vs ballista 4

M3M3L0RD says:

The ants are marching one by one, hoorah hoorah. The ants are marching two by two, hooraah hoorah.

Grace Speas says:

actually, fire at ranged, and melee at close range

Brian Shia says:

BaronVonLetsPlay can you do a video in which you use only peasants to beat the campaign?

DJ Blackhood says:

When Bayonets release on TABS, do Shiroyama!

Bayonets and musket men vs samurai

I want to Die says:

Now look at this bayonet that i just found

jkuykendall49 says:

this is so cool

Aedan Mueller says:

Wouldn’t the energy swords be sith because they are red?

mariana gavrila says:

Was charge of the light brigade a yugioh reference?

Francis De Mesa says:

Landfall games is The best Devs ive seen they take so much we like and listen hopefully they add Buildings in game or

Muhammad Nizami says:

Napoleon faction + peasants only campaign challenge.

Athala says:

I think they should fire as they Charge its would be pretty cool

Blake ShadowKnight says:

unit suggestion: energy shield / gungan shield blocks energy weapons like the ones from star wars

Edward Snowden says:

Song? 1:03

DankMemeSuplier says:

It should be that they shoot as many times as possible until in range for hand to hand combat

Mr. Zupre says:

they are no jedi…

Eli Tomlin says:

Hey Baron Lets do the battle of Hoth use 2 chicken man mans as at-ats use 5 chicken mans as at-sts  20 laser pistols as snow troopers and a light saber master as darth vader place Vader at the back for a delayed push with 2 energy pistols as body guards. Rebellion 5 chariots as a-wings and y-wings 20 energy pistols as rebel troops 2 beam rifles to act as Han solo and Chewbacca. and one light saber man as Luke sky walker.

Miles Roberts says:

barons the best

Ian Hubbard says:

i want air planes

caiti kendrick says:

do a starwars battle red 10 energy swords {sith } 1 master darth mall 20 energy pistols storm stroopers and 10 of those rail gun thing i forgot the name of as snipers blue 10 energy swords jedi 1 master lukeskywalker 20 energy pistols five snipers other 5 your choice choise must be from neon plese do neon map and place snipers on high places could fight under ground if wanted

shadow jester says:

I agree with the one shot thing baron

999 miles says:

There should be a ww1 faction.

Jake Zmrzli says:

what was the song?

BelgianVaffles says:

So sad the open alpha isn’t updated but how can you get the updated version ?

Monique Escobedo says:

Ranged only campaign challenge

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