TABS Jurassic Park Battle, T-REX Attacks – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Today’s Custom Battles we go to Jurassic Park to fight the T-Rex, then fight the Tank Battle of Kursk!

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BaronVonLetsPlay says:

Welcome….To Jurassic Park!
Alright guys, make sure to subscribe if you’re new, and place your votes for the next episode of TABS custom battles!

Johnny C says:

yeah, comps are the little mini raptor guys

Ultraryanx Ckkdmfmtkvlgl says:

Pixelmon vs pokèmon

TriPpy_ says:

Comps are the dinosaur called componathrigus yup and yes those are the green midget dinos

Redice300 Vlogs says:


Никита Михута says:


TrickShotKoopa2007 says:

Do ghostbusters vs other things (Tesco or the guy whos laser spreads)


yeah comps are the little guys. comp is short for compsagnathus

Karin Suydam says:


Ochiai Akio Akio says:


LeoKingCrazy is BEST youtuder in the world says:


Nori Shimogawa says:

that is the most derpy t-rex i have ever seen.

Nathan Rundles says:

Here is a fight i think i would like to see
Neon Vs Misc
1 trump
1 hillary
2 chicken men
30 peasants
and 2 super boxers
1 box cannon
2 teslas
4 energy pistols
and 5 energy sword masters

Godzilla Destroy yo city says:

The comp is a Compsaughnathus ( I don’t know how to spell it I just know it XD )

MikeyMan X says:

Comps are Compsonaugthus.

Gwen Paul says:

Landfall should add Xenomorphs and Dinosaurs to TABS.

WG Boyd says:

there needs to be a military faction where the m16s go and tanks and jeeps with guns and helicoppters and planes and bombers


israelr balolong says:

can you destroy my 8giant chiken manman

pho wa says:

make the furtal vs past

Amor Osalla says:

the comps means composgnatus set bad spelling

Sean O Brien says:

they are compoghios sorry for the miss speling

stephen osiemi says:

Its funny when super pesent beats up Donald Trump

David Carlström says:

I Love you play tabs

Eartha Cudjoe says:

they should put an abama in the game

Russell Miller says:

there compeis

Firedragon3fist C says:

Compys or Procompsignathus is a small raptor that when they bite you you fall asleep and then they tear you to pieces

Endy one says:

The small raptors are compsognathus’

DatHaz says:

Baron you forgot to do muskets and beenmers in trees

Daniel Malone says:

jurassic world 4 rapters and two t,rexes one for the blue side and one for the red

Jake Kubik says:

try putting 20 chicken mans 4 to go in the jaha hole and 16 to fight the dark and maybe the dark is trying to control the peasant super peasent

puttin acoffin jr says:

suicide squad
hillary-harley Quinn
beam rifle-dead shot
chichenmanman-el Diablo
giant axe-killer croc
chicken man- boomerang
3 m16-sarges friends

enchantress squad
hilary-enchantress her self
chichenmanman-enchantress brother
20 pensants shadows
15 thiefs- shadows with knife
10axe men -strong shadows

Tom Lamb says:

the dilo does not spit poison that was a Jurassic park mith

Aided Gaming says:

Cumps are short for cumpy

Daniel Malone says:

and the rapters are on blue

Anita Monroe says:

this is like star wars and gards vs dino

roblx says:


Mark Mcgilton says:

super man v Russian army

jamel senior says:

power rangers

Michael Moreno says:

3 ninja masters as the sensai red
10 ninjas red
3 samuri masters as the governer
7 samuri as cadetes
4 super peasents as crazy fan girls looking for Asian beiber
map china or desert

Michael Moreno says:

how do you not have 1 million subscribers you are the best baron

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