TABS GIANT SWORDS! Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay

Let’s Play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – TABS Giant Swords
The guys at TABS decide to try out oversized swords! TABS Gameplay
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is going Modern Warfare! TABS WW1 and TABS WW2 factions were announced and now the Modern Faction has been announced with the introduction of the M1 Abrams main battle tank. What next!?

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Elias Kitzman says:

BARON! I have an idea! How about this: when you get the new update, do this:

One Kung fu master as the karate kid
One ty Kwan do guy as the Sensei
And twenty peasants as fans
One super boxer as a challenger
One war hammer as the janitor
One samurai master as the opposing sensei
Twenty peasants as opposing fans
And ten boxers as the other dojo

Chicken Nugger says:

1:17 dat flip tho


Poor saladien he took so many arrows to the (DEEZ NUTS)

Mr.Penguin says:

WOW where is the update going to be?

Gerald Zirnstein says:

You are naked with noo underwear

Axew Ninja says:

IM GONNA watch porn

Liam Saeed says:

I want them to make kilo rent

Tyree Montgomery says:

The beginning of the vid looks like anime fight

Lucretia Henderson says:

m16 Vs zom

M hassan says:

do pokemon mew two as the dark pesin pikachu as super pesin and grdos are chicken man man and sqtule as beam rifle thats blue team red team is mew and all of the one up top as the super ones

fishron the shark says:

when the guy died from friendly arrow fire he took an arrow to the knee

William Dykstra says:

5 archers 12 peasants VS your choice.

Gerald Zirnstein says:

One got hit in the dick

Wizard 505 says:

Hi random person scrolling through the comments have a great day

Christian Saladaga says:

Lol u called the original trilogy was the prequel XD seriously? Like Chewbacca and Han solo are in only the original not the prequel !

sans the skelton says:

wh ycant I use this

Magical Dogester says:

Just after I ended Pit People Beta, I realise that you sound a lot like the narrator

Uber-Trooper says:

Also congrats

simple potato says:

i wish you were my uncle

Joaquin Mendoza says:

one more thing it’s at neon

The Dino kop mine Cart says:

This is like Star Wars

RightPlay Hd says:

they need to Add giants

Muhammet Sönmez says:

amazing !!!!

Quan Trinh says:

How do you update your TABS??

KiełbaskaBlitz says:

Try million spearthrowers vs million shields

Joaco 21O says:

0:29 lol that poke with the sword tho XD

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