TABS First Person Mode! NEW Weapons (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay – Custom Battles)

TABS New Update First Person Mode for TABS 2.0 (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Sandbox Part 10) TABS New Update News & Star Wars Custom Battles
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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a wacky physics-based tactics game. Experience accurate warfare through the ages. From medieval peasants to modern-day weaponry, TABS uses state of the art physics-based simulation to provide you with never-before-seen insight to our greatest battles of history.

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chris reyes says:

I’m watching this on my birthday. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY BARONNNNN

Gabby c says:


Matthew Gameing says:

Happy birthday 🙂

Myth Blade says:

Happy birthday been here since 200k


There should be a baron that’s a giant Viking that spawns barons brigade which is a ton of normal sized Vikings

Dave Persaud says:

Happy birthday

Domi nik says:

Battle of Helsingborg – Great Northern War (1710) Swedish Empire: 84 muskets as infantry, 55 Spearmen as cavalry, 3 cannons and 1 footman as Magnus Stenbock vs. Denmark-Norway: 100 muskets as infantry, 40 spearmen as cavalry, 3 cannons and 1 footman as Jørgen Rantzau. It was a Swedish victory!

Gaming Kirby says:

Happy birthday <3

Laura Manley says:

Battle of Brandywine: red aka Britain: 45 muskets blue aka US: 23 muskets

ActionCatchin Gaming says:

i hope the physiscs isnt toooo wacky in the future in first person it would be annoying

BaronVonLetsPlay says:

Thank you everybody for the amazing support over this last year and for being a part of this community and for those of you who are true members of Baron’s Brigade 🙂 Thanks you for the Happy Birthday wishes!
What kinds of custom battles and challenges in TABS do you guys have?

oscar lisboa says:

happy late birthday baron

David Sanyaolu says:

Happy birthday

Simone Macluf says:

dont put m16

Xx_minialex_xX says:

It was my bday to August 8

marf games says:

just thinking here but would a youtber faction be a fun idea?

Tristan Day Zee says:

I have an Idea Baron totally accurate battle simulator- Justin Bieber vs people- There may not be many artillery, but the idea is fun!
Red team
1 Trump(Justin)
2 energy pistols beside him(security)
1 Beamer a few metres behind him( Security sniper)
10 Shields in front of him (Police)
10 peasants anywhere (beliebers)
Blue team
20 peasants(just normal fans)
10 boxers(people who wanted to sleep with him but got rejected so now they are mad
10 theives( people who wanna mug him) hide the theives, scattered around the map
3 muskets (assasins)
20 Barbarians( people who had prom with a date tonight but then the prom got cancelled cos everyone went to see justin bieber so the few people who didnt get a date got mad.
1 Cannon( real haters)

Gavin 12 says:

I’m sorry I missed this birthday upload

Adrian Martinez says:

omg thats my birthday too i never heard his birthday

Limbo Trades says:

Happy birthday

Nico Rad-Malekshahi says:

happy birthday

Shattered 09 says:

you know what would be cool if the Super Peasant had Super Saiyan Hair.

enej lebinger says:

Hauptman birthday

Gabby c says:


Ender 303MLG360 says:


Wunderwaffe Productions says:

HOPEFULLY A SERIES: Napoleon vs the factionsBattle 1: Blue/Napoleon200 muskets10 cannonsRed/Medieval250 knights100 archers2 catapultsBlue team only gets the survivors for battle #2Enjoy!

Nathaniel TCHANTCHOU says:

cool video

ALE199 GAME says:


Paige Christison says:

happy b-day baron!!! 🙂

Benjamin Oelkers says:

Happy b day baron

Lebron Tran says:

If you wanna play here you go only alpha tho.

Brandon Wiley says:

my bday is in a week. happy bday baron!

Woo Wei-BIng says:

August 8 is also my birthday

nooberlot says:

THAT’S NOT A TRYDANT. THAT’S A PITCHFORK! Sorry, that bothered me…….

NiNo Warrior says:

Will this open challenge be accepted
Five Superboxers
Sixty Archers
Two ProjectileShields
Two Cannons
Twenty Taekwondo
One M16

Map: Neon
Money: At least of the money of my units have or something.

Victor T says:

Like to see this battle of royale

brendan graham says:

Well at least you got to it, and you listen to my and other people’s comments, plz play more!

Wunderwaffe Productions says:

Battle of Helms Deep: ImprovedMap: JapanRed: Uruk-HaiFront row: 30 Vikings as infantry and 1 barrel roller as the berserker who blows the wallNext row: 30 knights as swordsmenNext 4 rows: spearmen as pikemenNext row: 5 Ballistae
Blue: defenders of Helms DeepShield wall in front30 archers as Elves30 knights as Gondorians1 Chariot as the king1 Viking as Gimli1 archer as Legolas2 thieves as Pippin and Merry1 knight as Aragon 1 Beamer as Gandalf1 catapult

Kaden29 Mcmenemy56 says:

Happy birthday

Cyrus Pascual says:

I like how tabs grows up so quickly i left it just for 5 months and now just like wtf?

sebastiaan van der meer says:


J.C Lee says:

battle of stalingrad
map: snow
blue: german soldier
2 balistas or cannons
red: soviet army
50 peasants

Wunderwaffe Productions says:

Invasion of Russia 1940sMap is DenmarkRed: SoViEt RuSsIa5 muskets as stronk mosin soldiers100 barbarians as stronk citizens1 bearman as angry babushka lady1 catapult as babushka’s potato launcher10 farmers as stronk Ukrainians 1 Beamer as Papa Ivan 1 Beamer as Grandpapa Lenin1 darkpeasant as Papa StalinBlue: Ze Third Reich 10 Cannons as ze Pak 4010 muskets as ze Gewehrs2 m16s as ze MG421 Beamer as ze snipah1 ballista as ze tiger1 superpeasant as ze Luftwaffle

RAY43NHL says:

Good a fellow Leo!

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