Surviving Homelessness! – Change A Homelsss Survival Experience Gameplay

Welcome to Change! CHANGE is an emotional homeless survival experience set in a randomly generated city with rogue-like elements. ► Watch more here:

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Explore, survive, earn perks, find items and more to develop your character and escape to a new life.

Download Change A Homeless Survival Experience:

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An endless city to explore filled with randomly generated items, events and environments, unique to every playthrough

Develop perks by experimenting with different methods of survival

Beg, busk or work your way to finding a new home

Randomly generated “night events” lets you develop your own abstract story

Find companions, find shelter, find kindness

A complete weather system will force you to adjust your survival strategy in rain and snow

Build your own inventory with food, items for survival and more.

Unlock new items for your next playthrough as you progress

Buy items or steal from shops, spend a night in police stations, parks or shelters, spend time at bars, visit the clinic, study in the library, recycle scrap and more as you discover new areas and buildings

Experience a beautifully composed emotional soundtrack

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HeichouElly says:

Ugh it bothers me that you let so many people pass by without begging. Dx

RVince Manguba says:

the thumbnail is so misleading.

Aramis Johnson says:


Benjamin Feuer says:

watching you play this was the most infuriating thing ever

Berkay Erdoğan says:


Demonic Cat666 says:

live not leave

El deplorable says:

Do they let u kill zombies in this game?

IdiotSandwich ِ says:

£ is pound

Beacon of Wierd says:

This game is missing an almost “defining” feature of being homeless, a drug addiction or mental illness. Sure, I get why the developers stayed away from the topic, but I feel like they could have tackled it respectfully by having like an inner dialogue where questions with hard answers come up, and if you answer wrongly your character buys drugs or alcohol. Would be kinda hard to do these questions right tho, since it would be rather obvious to the player what to pick to avoid buying drugs…

Patrick Banks says:

Dang… Collects scrap, takes BUS to recycle it, spending $1. Gets $1.60 for recycling.
Life is hard.

Sonny Dinh says:

Did anyone realize that he typed homelsss in the title?

SmartK8 says:

You got like $1 per minute.. that’s more than $300k a year.

Robin Lundqvist says:

he kept going in to the library when hungry lolol

soakedbearrd says:

This is actually a pretty cool concept

Dead Hunter says:

hmm this game based on real life of homeless people..they’re trying to survived but we make an excuse that we don’t have a small money….homeless people has really change but we think if we give them money..they will buy drugs

Whyet Perry says:

I haven’t watched the video, so I can’t know if they purposely misspelled “Homelesss”

EmeraldGamer1011 says:


um-bri says:

When that guy pat your back he stole your money

Ergi Id says:

Bum simulator is better

The Roblox Specalist says:

well this game has died cause blitz played it

Joseph Navarra says:

I think a lot of people in these comments missed the point of the game. Your player is doomed from the start, but when then game ends for you, you get to stop playing.

Joel Bulger says:

I subscribed

magggie22 says:

Hi, I was just watching this and did it pull at the old heart strings….this is only a game but it makes you think about the poor real homeless people going through this and no doubt worse….
Can’t believe how a lot of people can be so selfish and not give something to the homeless,
certainly makes you appreciate what you do have …or should do…
All I can say is we should help people more, and be more Generous…

Thank you for sharing this touching game 🙂
magz 🙂

Teddy Ytt says:

If you can’t sell yourself, buy beer, or do drugs then its not a homeless simulator

Total Control 871 says:

REAL HOMELESS HERE! And believe me this is a very poor representation of real homelessness. Every time that you went to a shelter you would have to fight Steve’s off from stealing your possessions as well as cope with bed bugs and other communicable diseases. every time you ate food that made you sick it would have resulted and a trip to the ER and given prescriptions that you can’t afford. also there’s no such thing as a crime level being too low. if anything it’s a miracle not ending up in jail when you are homeless.

And for the life of me I have no idea why you kept spending money in a restaurant for food. there are ample food banks and soup kitchens where the homeless can eat for free. also you wasted money on the bus, many experienced homeless people note to keep a bicycle nearby even if it’s just a cheap junker. I understand that this game was trying to give awareness the people who don’t understand homelessness. but this was a very poor representation and if anything it would cause the player to come away thinking that homelessness……

is a joke. It’s not.

Ivan Syaputra says:

Why not using cheat engine?

Cristian Rares Uta says:

I think the early game strategy should be stay close to the library and study as much as possible. When you get a decent amount of study points apply for jobs. Get a job and get money so you won”t be hungry anymore and be able to study even better. Get better job , repeat till you have enough to get a place for yourself

Mosue Cat says:

I can’t believe they already made a real life adaption of this game

ThatKidWithSwaG1 says:

only in a first world country would we develop a game about being homeless..

RVince Manguba says:

on the first time you watch it

Kyles Marcelino says:


GBPNZ says:

Homeless people who are addicts are still people. We’re all human beings and I wish we had more empathy for each other and our situations

Lil Danteh says:

a game for homeless simulation that you have to pay for it *pathetic*

Ace Alvarado says:

I wish there in android

Snek Excite says:

21:28 did he noticed he got robbed?

Daryll Pal says:

He does realise the currency is Great British Pounds, not US Dollars.

Perry L says:

between homelessness and hitchhiking I’ve spent the better part of the last 8 years sleeping on the street or in my car. This video game simplifies too much and misses out on a lot of the ways homelessness is combated by those in the situation. The begging aspect needs a whole rework

Joel Bulger says:

Why the heal was he stealing? That don’t make no sense

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