STOP BURNING, STOP TOUCHING!! | Job Simulator #1 (HTC Vive Virtual Reality Gameplay)

Job Simulator is freaking hilarious and cool!! Had a blast bumping into everything and getting touched by ghosts!! I’m clearly the best chef everrrr 😛 Hope you all enjoy the VR, comment what others games to play 😀

Let me know what you think 🙂


Players participate in simulated jobs in a job museum run by robots; the jobs are represented as tongue-in-cheek approximations of real occupations: “Auto Mechanic”, “Gourmet Chef”, “Store Clerk” and “Office Worker”. Accompanied by a computer character who provides exposition and instructions, players perform tasks associated with that occupation, some realistic and others comical. For example, in the “Office Worker” simulation, players engage in activities like evaluating new employees and transferring calls, but are also called upon to eat donuts, share photos at the water cooler, and participate in other office rituals. Using the motion controllers of the HTC Vive to represent their hands, players interact with the virtual environment similarly to how they would in real life. Most objects within the player’s reach can be interacted with – many can be picked up and manipulated, while fixed objects such as keyboards and appliances will have buttons, levers, or dials that the player can utilize. After completing a certain amount of tasks, the player is offered to go back to the museum or continue performing tasks.

The player is often afforded a large amount of creative freedom in how they complete a task. For example, when cooking pizza in the chef simulation, players can choose any ingredient they can reach, such as bacon, eggs, apples, or cookies to use as pizza toppings. When performing car repairs in the auto-mechanic simulation, players can choose what style of parts to use as replacements (for example, when replacing a flat tire, the player can choose from any of 9 available tire styles) and is allowed to perform repairs and replacements that aren’t requested by the customer. The player is also free to mess around with the various objects in their reach, such as throwing things in trash cans or at robots, eating food lying around or taking the sunglasses off a customer.

Much of the game’s humour comes from both stereotypical and exaggerated situations in the jobs performed: as a chef, the player is asked to bribe a food critic and navigate around the particular allergies of an underage customer having a birthday; as a car mechanic, the boss instructs the player to sabotage cars or strip a car for parts. The instructor also continually comments on the human nature of the jobs being at odds with the efficiency of robots, the obsolescence of humans, and at one point references “the human uprising of 2027”.

The game also features a special “spectator mode” that serves to provide a more entertaining perspective to the viewers who are observing someone playing the game: aside from the first person view, the player wearing the helmet can position cameras around themselves and switch between them, which then provide a viewport to the external screen of the VR setup; the player is then represented as a disembodied VR helmet and two gloves.


green elephant says:

why cant i hear the robots

Knight Gamer says:

Love this VR but boy do you need some space to use it, great video so funny:)

King cobra says:

Does anyone know what the name of that song that was playing in the background is called?

EpicSniperCow likes gaming says:

can you make a video of your dog

Moethegangter says:

Ahahahahahahahahahahaahahah stop toching me lol

Jakob Hollon says:

rage monster

Mrpear234 says:

Please Ghostrobo ,   don’t ever play  VR near open windows. 🙂

Wacky Waffles says:

More virtual reality

Constantine Daniel says:

can you do more of these videos

Luke Miller says:

Is the song coming from the game?

Carson Phillips says:

When u are a office worker you can photo copy a doughnut and eat it

Hassaan Qureshi says:

Hes trying to be funny. hes not

george boyd says:


Casey Wescott says:

Thank ghostsrobo you just made my day because my name is Casey

PinkPandaz says:

Best video ever

Hassaan Qureshi says:

5:29 when ur jizz not cuming when youre trying hard

MeseeksMan says:

Why is there no games audio

Johney Lee says:

getting abit fed up with the screaming every 2 secs i understand if your actually scared but its a job simulator ffs… ease off on the shouting… dont wanna have to hit that unsuscribe button… but damn it il do it…

Blast Fire says:

like the vids

Brendan Whittemore says:

This was so funny Ghost! Your last two videos have been AMAZING!!!

Sebastian M says:

um nowon was in the room

Diamondlaugh says:

IF YOUR IN HERE YOU NEED TO GET OUT!!! XD XD XD XD oh wait its my dog lol XDXD

dark rogue says:

what was touching him

FreakinFeraligatr Gaming says:


Jakob Hollon says:

rage monster

mikeuk says:

How long will it take before these VR thing are more than tech demos or novelty?

Clone Dragon says:

#spaz attack

Andy Linares says:

Oh my gosh this was gret

Deadpool 101 says:


stormbearz says:

get a vr room dude pls

GinjaNinjaGamer says:

This was freaking hilarious!

Brachydios says:

From this vid you can tell that ghost is actually pretty tall

nathanielpfeil says:

Super funny keep it up.

Slender Woman says:

I’m sorry, but sitting here listening to “1,2,3,4 clap your hands,” gets a little annoying after a while. Aside from that, the video’s pretty funny.

Gurkirat-Singh Dhatt says:

The music just ruins it

Antonio blogs says:

this is funny

Emily Robinson says:

awesome video very funny. really brightened my morning love your videos.

Bree and Ian says:

The fruits were under the boo box

Mr comper gaming says:

We can’t hear the robot

sajid alam says:

Can u do that dragon, cancer

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