STELLARHUB Space Station Simulation Game – Let’s Play Gameplay – Ep 1 – Planetbase Meets Rimworld!

New Simulation Game 2017 StellarHub – It’s Stellar and you build Hubs! Release Date 19 Aug 2017 Stellarhub is a new space strategy simulation game where you act as the Captain of a space station. You must assemble your station from various modules (med bay, crew quarters, lounge deck, greenhouse, etc.) and manage your crew to fulfill several tasks ranging from command, construction, extraction of resources, research and trade.

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BlackYazra says:

This game looks awesome, looking forward to the rest of the series!

Golin73 says:

Good video, bad game (it has a lot of promise, but just looks like a rage quit type game). Thanks for the video since I will definitely not buy it. Thumbs up!

Robert Burke says:

Yup , really like this one , great choice

juozasl2 says:

da fak is BEETA?

energycake 1 says:

I don’t like the art style

lorgius says:

It was fun, however I see another youtuber with 5 second memory – too easy distracted. It starting to bother me more and more.

gari370 says:

Great work man. Keep this coming and can wait the game to come out

Seafort says:

Hey Skype, Added the game to my wishlist on steam. The developer has also confirmed the price will be $8.99. Not sure about the price in UK. Seems like a pretty good game so far especially for the cheap price.

Choppytehbear1337 says:

The ability to make what kind of map you want would be a nice addition.

lexas4 says:

Entertainingly presented. Lots of info but never tedious. Lots of youtubers think they sound like you or want to sound like you but are only boring and annoying. They could learn a lot.
As for the game, seems too much like work…lol

ItzzYaBoiiCal says:

How much will this game cost

Chaz Baird says:

Yay, new series!

Jerroyd Moore says:

great start to a new series! How many hours of research do you put in before starting a series? You seem to really know your way around this game!

david mcmanamy says:

5 O2 left, I hope that crew can hold their breath till more comes in. lol Great look tho, should be interesting watching/figureing things out. 🙂

Mike Hillmann says:

Neat new game, looking forward for when things go horribly wrong… 🙂

Jan Šinkovec says:

The characters look a lot like the first two GTA games, especially when they walk

Niccolo G says:

Good stuff.

Keeran Thapa says:

is oxygen not included series dead in this channel

Robert Burke says:

Hopefully this one runs better when you grow to massive proportions , lol. Looks really interesting 🙂

Big Al says:

Cute game … looking forward to see how it plays out 🙂

ncgallagher says:

cool game skye

T. K. says:

is there a Price for this Game known? … Cheers

Final Bag says:

woooo new game finally. look forward to more

Affluent Imaginings says:

Looks like an awesome game. Very much appreciated you showing game play. Would love to see this turn into a series. I’d watch every one. All the thumbs down or crappy comments are just muppets…pay no attention to em.

SqueakySniper says:

The super high pitched noise when your cursor goes over a button is incredibly irritating. It almost hurts my ears.

randy gavitt says:

You stopped the game on January 27th which is my Birthday. HOORAY.

Vera van der Struik says:

Sorry Skye, not interested. Please play more Transport Fever!

RazzUK says:

Cool, looks like my type of game! I might take the plunge if the price is right.

Ayce1955 says:

Looks interesting, but I’ll reserve judgment on if it’s something I would play.

Izzet Me says:

Skye, love the game, but your oxygen!!!!! :G

Clint Hein says:

Love your vids, Skye, but I didn’t even see the pirate attack as my eyes were frozen to the oxygen counter. Looking forward to the next video.

Aero Nomer says:

Could someone please tell the devs how to spell “morale” before they release the fucking game??? So embarrassing.

Nanny Giggles says:

Hello! 😛 I’m actually watching this 😀

Nanny Giggles says:

YAY! I like it! 😀

Gary Foley says:

This looks fantastic! Great video!!

Vespere Hesperian says:

Game definitely looks interesting, only thing I worry about as the base progresses and the crew grows that the micromanagement could become a little tedious.

Casualogic says:

Thank you Skype for covering our game and thanks to everybody for appreciating and giving feedback on StellarHub, it means a lot to us!


Don’t forget the Oxygen 🙂

360KID says:

this is sweet dude

Wicca Robin says:

Well it does seem a little PlanetBase’y, but its looks are much different between the two. Once upon a time the game meant everything, looks were something that could be ignored, but that was years ago. looks are as important as play, for feeling immersed in a game of this nature. This does not seem to be a Paradox title right off the bat and seems more like they borrowed part of the name, in the hopes of attracting people, that doenst speak very high for this game, they added challenges to Planetbase and I find them worth doing. I’m just attempting be straight forward about this game, Your happy talk affects me in a negitive way, its like your making an effort, to sell this game, at all cost’s good features can you fire bad workers? or get rid of them. You seem to have your choice of a wide variety of people, yet they all came with enough negatives that you’ve only purchased one. Maybe I will watch two. It doesn’t seem to be a buy atm for me. As to RimWorld, i find the sameness there striking and in a poor way. the haulers that can’t haul because they have an uppity attitude so to speak I find that one feature I could do without in that game and this one too. Who would just sit on there butt and be thrown out at the first chance. as were most of the people in this game and RimWorld. you wont do your job, well good luck out there… don’t let the door hit you on your way out. And that can go on for ages, keeping you small, and actually getting in the way of winning, sometimes. This seems like an arcade game

Lode Exel says:

Great to watch this one. Looking forward to watch episode 2 and more.

Baleur says:

Seems like a cool game, but i dont understand why every game even new games, still make the same dumb mistake in their Moral mechanics. It makes no sense what so ever in any game that low morale means that people simply stop working.
Thats not how real life works. It just leads to idiotic consequences like a farmer refusing to farm because he’s too hungry, or a guy in Planetbase refusing to refine pure water because he is too angry about not having access to water….

I know its not all about diehard realism in games, but in this case it just makes it so stupid when all these management games make the exact same mistake in their game mechanics. Imagine in real life if farmers stopped growing food because they were unhappy, just literally let their entire family starve to death. Wouldnt ever happen. Or if a Mars colonist simply leaned back in his chair, crossed his arms and said “NOOOPE im not gonna refill the air filter, im too angry that i dont have enough joy in this place”. Then he literally suffocates to death because he was too bored to fill the air filter. Just idiotic and illogical.

That isnt challenge, that’s just terribad game design.
Low morale could lead to revolts, to overthrowing the player in charge, to reducing work speed or eliminating skill (so a skill 10 farmer would act as a skill 1), or sure, stopping all work that IS NOT life-crucial work.
Because that just never makes sense. People living harsh lives in a straw hut in Africa dont just give up, they keep walking those 5 miles every single morning to carry water to their home.

I wish these otherwise magnificent games (my favorite genre to be honest) stopped making that crucial retarded mistake in game design philosophy. Because it makes no sense, doensnt add to the challenge, only by contrived illogical means.

luuk derks says:

So Michael Reed is smart. But he has almost no intellegence i think the devs goofed up somewhere

Ron Lloyd says:

cool game, that was fun

Mr MACC says:

Ha ha love your excitement with a new game!! Awesome video!

Frank Bob says:

Game looks really great, looking forward to more/a whole series!

7BeAsT9 says:

5:30 woman as workers? HAHAHA so get redy to have shit NOT done 😀

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