Squad: v3.60a ► Long Range Mountain Warfare (Round Highlight) (Military Simulation Gameplay)

I spotted a whole hostile squad across the valley on the other mountain as we were about to go down into the valley. We quickly get setup, and start taking them out from long range. The battle ensues from there, enjoy.

“Squad is a 50 vs 50 multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication and team-play. Major features include vehicle-based combined arms game-play, large scale environments, base building, and integrated positional VoIP for proximity talking & radio.”

Buy it on STEAM here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/393380/

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Dreamflight Entertainment says:

Good stuff man. I love this game, and now it has vehicles!

Daryl Lminggio II says:

I want to get it however I get the feeling people will start COD style playing and kill the team work factor.

Aleksa Obradovic says:

Can someone tell me, do i need to buy this game or is there a free download?

Aleksa Obradovic says:

that enemy squad was dumb enough to put sandbags and stay there on top of that hill where the ground meets the sky, its easy to spot them there

Karl My Suitcase says:

That enemy squad is dumb as fuck though 😀

WheelChairBandit says:

LOL poor deathorc man he just wanted his warm blanket

Devon Flores says:

You kick ass man! Keep up the good work! I really want to play squad now lol

Mohammed hi says:


Johann Koenitz says:

To build a ammocrate or sandbags, you needto build a FOB first, which means building the radio.

isaac mati-ong says:

does this games have bots on multiplayer.? is it offline to..?

DaveGaming99 says:

hay HGT if you respond to this, my life will be complete.

tyler scott says:


Hedi Lengliz says:

what’s teh name of the game i cant find it

Wiggles. says:

> Be me
> Trying to capture a town
> Entire squad is dead except medic buddy
> Talking with medic to figure out how to not die
> See something land next to us
> Medic in calmest voice ever
> “That’s a grenade.”
> I look at it
> Equally calm
> “Uh-huh.”
> We are turned into red paste
best review on steam

EliteKiller0828 says:

Is this on PC ?

HighRyse323 says:

I really hope this game is ported to mac, like insurgency

S0NNy Gaming says:

sub =)

BlaZtiKo says:

*1 year later. much much much more popular*

hookiebookie1 says:

I like this channel. This channel pleases me. Yes, yes I like this one.

greeksalad84 says:

can u play this without the coms-bit ?

scare1024 says:

What are your hardware specifications? I read that this game isn’t optimised yet and I’m running older hardware. Looking forward playing this game.

Zachary Eyers says:

Do you think that this game will be in the winter sale?

Ryan Colpitts says:

I love these strategies games!! keep playing this one!

Brisk says:

Just a tip, when you’re calling out targets by compass, it’s not great to call out specific numbers that aren’t on the compass. Instead of saying something like “245”, say “240 plus 5”.


What do you use to record ?

Brisk says:

“Flyboy, you got one going to your left. Go around.”
This is why each player needs to be active on VoIP. You just can’t relay that kind of message with a commo rose.

Zip says:

I love these videos! Keep it up:)

MUZA1875 says:

always one who has to ask twice for bearing and target indication. just watch the tracers

Uglypenguin says:

You need to have 3 squad members around you to put a FOB down aswell as not being 400m from a fob near you

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